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  2. Iconic Cities, Stunning Landscapes, A Mixture Of Cultures. Europe Offers So Much To See. See It All On A Sweeping Journey Or Get An In-Depth Look At A Certain Country. Learn More.

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    Europe covers about 10.18 million km 2 (3.93 million sq mi), or 2% of the Earth's surface (6.8% of land area), making it the second-smallest continent (using the seven-continent model ). Politically, Europe is divided into about fifty sovereign states, of which Russia is the largest and most populous, spanning 39% of the continent and ...

  2. Eastern Europe in the High Middle Ages was dominated by the rise and fall of the Mongol Empire.Led by Genghis Khan, the Mongols were a group of steppe nomads who established a decentralized empire which, at its height, extended from China in the east to the Black and Baltic Seas in Europe.

    • 37.3 (1876)
    • 42.7 (1875)
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    • 71.8 (1870)
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    Europe is named after a princess in Greek mythology called "Europa." The myth says that Zeus kidnapped Europa and took her to Crete, where she became the mother of King Minos (from whom Europe’s first civilization gets its name, the Minoans). The name "Europa" was later used to describe Greece. Then, as the rest of modern-day Europe started to have cities and empires, the entire area West of the Ural Mountainscame to be called "Europa".

    The history of Europe is long and has many turns. Many great countries originated from Europe. Greek mythology and the beginning of western civilizationcame from European nations. Some of the major periods in European history have been: 1. Ancient Greece (Minoan, Mycenaean, Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic): c.2000 BC to 146 BC 2. Ancient Rome (Roman kingdom, Roman Republic and Roman Empire): 753BC-476 3. Middle Ages (Early, High, Late): 476 to 1492 4. Early Modern Era (Renaissance, Reformation, Age of Discovery, Enlightenment): 1492-1789 5. 19th Century, 20th Century and 21st Century (French Revolution, Napoleonic Wars, Industrial Revolution, Colonialism, World War 1, World War 2, Cold War) 1789-present

    Andreas M. Kaplan describes modern Europe as a continent where many different cultureslive closely together, "embracing maximum cultural diversity at minimal geographical distances". There are several major regions of Europe: 1. Eastern Europe 2. Central Europe 3. Western Europe 4. Northern Europe 5. Southern and Southeastern Europe Within these regions, there are up to 48 independent European countries (with the identities of 5 transcontinental countries being disputed). The largest is the Russian Federation, which covers 39% of Europe. The European city with the largest population is Istanbul. The country with the largest population is the Russian Federation. About 15% of Europeans live in Russia. Two European countries, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, are on islands called the British Isles.

    Most of Europe lies in temperate climate zones. However, there are many different climates throughout Europe. For example, during the winter, it may be snowing and -30 degrees Celsius for 4–5 months in Finland. Yet it may be much warmer, with no snow at all except on high mountains, in Spain.

    The European Union is a confederation of 27 European countries. These countries agree to follow common laws so that their citizens can move and trade in EU countries almost the same as they do in their own. Nineteen of these countries also share the same type of money: the euro.

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    Europe is a Swedish rock band formed in Upplands Väsby, Sweden in 1979, by frontman Joey Tempest, guitarist John Norum, bassist Peter Olsson, and drummer Tony Reno. They obtained a major breakthrough in Sweden in 1982 by winning the televised competition "Rock-SM": it was the first time this competition was held, and Europe became a larger success than the competition itself. Since their formation, Europe has released eleven studio albums, three live albums, three compilations and twenty...

    The first incarnation of the band was named Force and came together in 1979, in Upplands Väsby, Stockholm, and was integrated by vocalist Joey Tempest, guitarist John Norum, bass guitarist Peter Olsson, and drummer Tony Reno. "I remember when we started the band Force we ...

    The follow-up to The Final Countdown was entitled Out of This World and was released in 1988. The biggest hit from the album was "Superstitious" which peaked at number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 9 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks. "Superstitious" would be the last Europe

    Europe released its seventh album, Secret Society on 26 October 2006. "We think it's one of the strongest albums that Europe has ever done," Tempest said, "There is definitely some more melodic stuff on this one. Start from the Dark was very raw and made a statement, which is coo

    Studio albums 1. Europe 2. Wings of Tomorrow 3. The Final Countdown 4. Out of This World 5. Prisoners in Paradise 6. Start from the Dark 7. Secret Society 8. Last Look at Eden 9. Bag of Bones 10. War of Kings 11. Walk the Earth

  4. Eastern Europe is the region of the European continent between Western Europe and Asia. There is no consistent definition of the precise area it covers, partly because the term has a wide range of geopolitical, geographical, ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic connotations. Russia, located in Eastern Europe, is both the largest and most ...

  5. The global COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Europe with its first confirmed case in Bordeaux, France, on 24 January 2020, and subsequently spread widely across the continent.By 17 March 2020, every country in Europe had confirmed a case, and all have reported at least one death, with the exception of Vatican City.

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  2. Iconic Cities, Stunning Landscapes, A Mixture Of Cultures. Europe Offers So Much To See. See It All On A Sweeping Journey Or Get An In-Depth Look At A Certain Country. Learn More.

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