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    Juan Federico Ponce Vaides was the acting President of Guatemala from 4 July 1944 to 20 October 1944. He was overthrown by a popular uprising on the 20th of October 1944 that began the Guatemalan Revolution.

    Ponce Vaides was born in a wealthy upper class family in Coban, Alta Verapaz. His father was Mariano Ponce Contreras, his mother Victoria Vaides Arrivillaga. During the government of Manuel Estrada Cabrera, he took part in the National Campaign of 1906 against Honduras and El Salvador. After that, he became commander and political leader in different departments of state. After the downfall of Cabrera in 1920, he lost his brother, who was executed during a popular uprising.

    Jorge Ubico, the dictator of Guatemala from 1931 to 1944, was forced to resign on 1 July 1944 by a popular pro-democracy movement. Ubico appointed three generals, Ponce Vaides, Eduardo Villagran Ariza, and Buenaventura Pineda, to a military junta to succeed him. On 3 July, Ponce Vaides forced the Guatemalan congress at gunpoint to appoint him interim president. Ponce pledged to hold free elections soon, while at the same time suppressing the protests. Freedom of the press was suspended, arbitrar

    By mid-October, several different plans to overthrow the junta had been set in motion by the various factions of the pro-democracy movement, including the teachers, the students, and the progressive factions of the army. On 19 October, the government learned of one of these conspiracies. The same day, a small group of army officers launched a coup from within the army, led by the coup-plotters Francisco Javier Arana and Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán. They were joined the next day, the 20th of ...

    Ponce Vaides and Ubico were allowed to leave the country safely. The military junta was replaced by another three-person junta consisting of Árbenz, Arana, and an upper-class youth named Jorge Toriello. The junta promised free and open elections to the presidency and the congress, as well as for a constituent assembly. The presidential elections were won by Juan José Arévalo, who began a series of social and economic reforms that constituted the Guatemalan Revolution.

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    Juan Federico Ponce Vaides (26 de agosto de 1889 - 16 de noviembre de 1956) fue un político y militar guatemalteco, presidente de Guatemala del 4 de julio de 1944 al 20 de octubre de 1944. Fue contra su gobierno que se gestó la llamada Revolución de octubre de 1944.

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    Federico Ponce Vaides Juan Federico Ponce Vaides (26 d'agostu de 1889, Ciudá de Guatemala - 16 de payares de 1956, Ciudá de Guatemala) foi un políticu y militar guatemalianu, presidente de Guatemala del 4 de xunetu de 1944 al 20 d'ochobre de 1944. Foi contra'l so gobiernu que se xestó la llamada Revolución d'Ochobre de 1944.

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    Juan Federico Ponce Vaides Guatemalan President. Upload media Wikipedia: Date of birth: 26 August 1889 Guatemala City: Date of death: 16 November 1956 Guatemala City:

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    Contribuisci a migliorarla secondo le convenzioni di Wikipedia. Juan Federico Ponce Vaides (26 agosto 1889 – 16 novembre 1956) è stato un politico guatemalteco. È stato il presidente del Guatemala dal luglio all'ottobre 1944. Nell'ottobre 1944 fu spodestato dall'insurrezione popolare che portò alla rivoluzione guatemalteca.

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    Juan Federico Ponce Vaidez, auch Vaides (* 26. August 1889; † 29. Februar 1956), war vom 3. Juli 1944 bis 21. Oktober 1944 Präsident von Guatemala. Leben. Am 1. Juli 1944 übergab Staatschef Ubico die Macht an eine Militärjunta aus den Generälen Federico Ponce Vaidez, Eduardo Villagrán Ariza y Buenaventura Pineda. Am 3.

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    Juan Federico Ponce Vaides, né le 26 août 1889 et mort le 16 novembre 1956, est une personnalité politique guatémaltèque. Il est président du Guatemala du 4 juillet 1944 au 20 octobre 1944.

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    Juan Federico Ponce Vaides – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia Juan Federico Ponce Vaides Generał Juan Federico Ponce Vaides (ur. 1889, zm. 1956), prezydent Gwatemali od 4 lipca do 20 października 1944, bliski współpracownik i następca dyktatora Jorge Ubico. p • d • e

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    Juan Federico Ponce Juan Federico Ponce Vaides (26 de agosto de 1889 – 16 de novembro de 1956) foi Presidente interino da Guatemala de 4 de julho a 20 de outubro de 1944.

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    Federico Ponce Vaides en Wikipedia en idioma español, consultado el 18 de mayo de 2016. Juan Federico Ponce Vaides en Wikipedia en idioma inglés, consultado el 18 de mayo de 2016. Federico Ponce Vaides en la Enciclopedia de Guatemala, consultado el 18 de mayo de 2016. Federico Ponce Vaides en Wikiguate, consultado el 18 de mayo de 2016.