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    The Ganges Delta has the shape of a triangle and is considered to be an "arcuate" (arc-shaped) delta. It covers more than 105,000 km 2 (41,000 sq mi) and, although the delta lies mostly in Bangladesh and India, rivers from Bhutan, Tibet, India, and Nepal drain into it from the north.

    • Geography

      The Ganges Delta has the shape of a triangle and is...

    • Population

      Between 125 and 143 million people live on the delta,...

    • Wildlife

      Three terrestrial ecoregions cover the delta. The Lower...

    • Geology

      The Ganges Delta lies at the junction of three tectonic...

    • Economy

      Approximately two-thirds of the Bangladesh people work in...

  2. Ganges Delta The Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta is a river delta in the South Asia region of Bangladesh and in West Bengal, India. It is the world's largest delta. The delta is also known as the Brahmaputra Delta, the Sunderbans Delta, or the Bengal Delta.

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    The Ganges Delta, formed mainly by the large, sediment-laden flows of the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers, is the world's largest delta, at about 64,000 km 2 (25,000 sq mi). It stretches 400 km (250 mi) along the Bay of Bengal.

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    Encyclopædia Britannica: «Ganges River», «coastal landforms» (2007) Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia: «Ganges» (2007) Rob Bowden: A river journey, the Ganges (Hodder Wayland, 2003), sitert i (PDF-fil) Engelsk Wikipedia: «Ganges Delta as edited by Jwinius at 20:21, 17 September 2007» Fotnotar

  6. Ganges - Wikipedia

    Berwick, Dennison. A walk along the Ganges.Dennison Berwick. ISBN 978-0-7137-1968-0.; Cautley, Proby Thomas (1864). Ganges canal. A disquisition on the heads of the Ganges of Jumna canals, North-western Provinces.

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    Ganges Delta är ett delta i Bangladesh, på gränsen till Indien. Det ligger i den sydvästra delen av landet, 160 km sydväst om huvudstaden Dhaka. Trakten runt Ganges Delta består till största delen av jordbruksmark. Runt Ganges Delta är det tätbefolkat, med 947 invånare per kvadratkilometer.

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    The mangrove-dominated Ganges Delta – the Sundarbans – is a complex ecosystem comprising one of the three largest single tracts of mangrove forests of the world. The larger part is situated in Bangladesh, a smaller portion of it lies in India.

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    Ganges Delta Gikan sa Wikipedia, ang gawasnong ensiklopedya Paghimo ni bot Lsjbot. Delta ang Ganges Delta sa Bangladesh, sa ibabaw sa utlanan sa Indiya.

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    Delta Gangesa Iz Wikipedije, slobodne enciklopedije Delta Gangesa (poznata i kao Delta Gangesa i Brahmaputre, Delta Sunderbans ili Bengalska delta) je najveća delta na svijetu, velika oko 80.000 km². Nalazi se na jugu Indijskog podkontinenta, uz obale Bengalskog zaljeva.

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