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    George Washington (February 22, 1732 – December 14, 1799) was an American political leader, military general, statesman, and Founding Father who served as the first president of the United States from 1789 to 1797. Previously, he led Patriot forces to victory in the nation's War for Independence.

    • Martha Washington

      Martha Washington (née Dandridge; June 13 [O.S. June 2] 1731...

    • Augustine Washington

      Augustine Washington Sr. (November 12, 1694 – April 12,...

    • John Adams

      John Adams (October 30, 1735 – July 4, 1826) was an American...

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    George Washington (February 22, 1732 – December 14, 1799) was the first President of the United States (1789–1797), the commander in chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States

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    George is a city in Grant County, Washington, United States. The population was 501 at the 2010 census. The "humorous homage" to President George Washington has landed George, Washington on lists of unusual place names. The city is known for being near the Gorge Amphitheatre, sometimes called "The Gorge at

    • 1,227 ft (374 m)
    • Grant
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    George Washington Birthplace National Monument, Virginia from the National Park Service Copies of the wills of General George Washington: the first president of the United States and of Martha Washington, his wife (1904), edited by E. R. Holbrook

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    The military career of George Washington spanned over forty years of service. Washington's service can be broken into three periods, French and Indian War, American Revolutionary War, and the Quasi-War with France, with service in three different armed forces (British provincial militia, the Continental Army, and the United States Army).

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    The George Washington was a named passenger train of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway running between Cincinnati, Ohio and Washington, D.C. A section divided from the main train at Charlottesville, Virginia and operated through Richmond to Newport News. It began service in 1932 to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of the first president of the United States.

    When the George Washington was inaugurated as C&O's top-notch train on April 30, 1932, it was one of only two all-air-conditioned, long-distance trains operating in America.. New equipment was not built for this train; instead, older cars that were completely refurbished by Pullman and by C&O shops. It was still a few years before the streamliner craze, so C&O persisted with the standards of the time using its solid, heavy cars. The Pullman Company normally lettered its sleepers in a standardize

    Part of the reason for the success of the George Washington, aside from the stunning scenery the train passed through, was the highly successful advertising campaign of Chessie the sleeping kitten. The kitten debuted in 1933 to promote the C&O's passenger trains with the catch phrase "Sleep Like A Kitten." While the kitten's rendition is credited to Guido Grenewald the success of the tiny feline as an advertising campaign for the railroad is honored to Lionel Probert, an assistant to the C&O pre

    These cars were in two sections divided in the center. Fifty-nine coaches in the 1610-1668 series were delivered to the C&O by Pullman for service on most C&O trains, including the George Washington. Eight of these cars were sold to the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad. Good photographs of this car may be found on page 8 of "Chesapeake and Ohio color guide to freight and passenger equipment". C&O removed the corrugations in 1967.

    On the George Washington the C&O used the new Pullman 10-roomette/6-bedroom 85’ sleepers built in the "City of" series, and 56 were built. Some C&O cars were used on the Pere Marquette; these cars were unusual in that the bedrooms were in the middle rather than on one end. See photos on page 107 of "Some Classic Trains", page 189 of "More Classic Trains", or page 9 of "Chesapeake and Ohio color guide to freight" and passenger equipment.

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    Washington's Farewell Address is a letter written by American President George Washington as a valedictory to "friends and the fellow-citizens" after 20 years of public service to the United States. He wrote it near the end of his second term of presidency before retiring to his home at Mount Vernon in Virginia.

    • George Washington with Alexander Hamilton (1796) and James Madison (1792)
    • September 1796
    • The Address of Gen. Washington to the People of America on His Declining the Presidency of the United States
    • American Daily Advertiser
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    George Washington (Condado de Westmoreland, 22 de fevereiro de 1732 – Mount Vernon, 14 de dezembro de 1799) [nota 1] foi o primeiro Presidente dos Estados Unidos (1789–1797), o comandante ex-chefe do Exército Continental durante a Guerra da Independência dos Estados Unidos, e um dos Pais Fundadores dos Estados Unidos.

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    This table sets out the ancestry of President George Washington for four generations, numbered according to the Ahnentafelgenealogical numbering system. 1. George Washington Parents 2. Augustine Washington 3. Mary Ball Grandparents 4. Lawrence Washington 5. Mildred Warner 6. Joseph Matthäus Ball 7. Mary Johnson Great-grandparents 8. John Washington 9. Anne Pope 10. Lawrence Washington, Sr. 11. Amphillis Twigden 12. Augustine Warner, Jr. 13. Elizabeth Reade 14. Augustine Warner 15. Mildred Reade

    Template:Ahnentafel top Washington's patriline is the line from which he is descended father to son.

    Bibliography of George Washington
    Ancestry of Thomas Jefferson
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    George Washington (n.22 februarie 1732, Westmoreland ⁠(d), Virginia — d. 14 decembrie 1799, Mount Vernon ⁠(d), Virginia) a fost un general și om de stat american, militant și factor activ în obținerea independenței față de Regatul Unit a coloniilor din America de Nord, primul președinte al Statelor Unite ale Americii.

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