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  1. Guitar - Wikipedia

    The guitar is a fretted musical instrument that usually has six strings. It is typically played with both hands by strumming or plucking the strings with either a guitar pick or the fingers/fingernails of one hand, while simultaneously fretting (pressing the strings against the frets) with the fingers of the other hand.

    • 321.322, (Composite chordophone)
  2. Gitár – Wikipédiaár

    A gitár húrjainak feszítettsége miatt a viszonylag vékony és hosszú nyak komoly statikai igénybevételnek van kitéve. A klasszikus gitár húrjai kb. 40 kilogramm súlynak megfelelő, a fémhúros gitároké majdnem kétszer ennyi, a 12 húros gitároké 100 kilogramm körüli terhelést képviselnek.

    • E – A – d – g – h – e'
    • Gitáros
  3. Electric guitar - Wikipedia

    An electric guitar is a guitar that requires external amplification in order to be heard at typical performance volumes. It uses one or more pickups to convert the vibration of its strings into electrical signals, which ultimately are reproduced as sound by loudspeakers.

    • Guitar, solid-body guitar
    • 321.322, (Composite chordophone)
  4. Acoustic guitar - Wikipedia
    • Overview
    • History
    • Amplification
    • Types

    An acoustic guitar is a musical instrument in the guitar family. Its strings vibrate a sound board on a resonant body to project a sound wave through the air. The original, general term for this stringed instrument is guitar, and the retronym 'acoustic guitar' distinguishes it from an electric guitar, which relies on electronic amplification. Typically, a guitar's body is a sound box, of which the top side serves as a sound board that enhances the vibration sounds of the strings. In standard tun

    The guitar is an ancient instrument, whose history can be traced back into ancient Mesopotamia and Sumer. Many theories have been proposed about the instrument's ancestry, but the modern acoustic guitar comes from a long progression of stringed musical instruments. It has often been claimed that the guitar is a development of the medieval instrument vihuela, which evolved from the ancient lute. Gitterns, were the first small, guitar-like instruments created during the Spanish Middle Ages with a

    Classical gut-string guitars lacked adequate projection, and were unable to displace banjos until innovations introduced helped to increase their volume. Two important innovations were introduced by United States firm C.F. Martin: steel strings and the increasing of the guitar top area; the popularity of Martin's larger "dreadnought" body size among acoustic performers is related to the greater sound volume produced. These innovations allowed guitars to compete with and often displace the banjos

    Historical and modern acoustic guitars are extremely varied in their design and construction, far more so than electric guitars. Some of the most important varieties are the classical guitar, steel-string acoustic guitar and lap steel guitar.

    • 13th century
    • 321.322, (Composite Chordophone)
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  6. Classical guitar - Wikipedia

    The classical guitar (also known as the classic guitar, nylon-string guitar or Spanish guitar) is a member of the guitar family used in classical music.An acoustic wooden string instrument with strings made of gut or nylon, it is a precursor of the modern acoustic and electric guitars, both of which use metal strings.

    • modern classical guitar was developed in the late 19th century in Spain.
  7. ESP Guitars - Wikipedia

    ESP found fame by making and endorsing guitars for guitarists who went on to become leading exponents of thrash metal in the 1980s, along with other guitar manufacturers Jackson and Dean, with bands Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth. As a result of these endorsements, ESP has become one of the most popular suppliers of guitars for heavy ...

  8. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation - Wikipedia

    Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC, or simply Fender) is an American manufacturer of stringed instruments and amplifiers.Fender produces acoustic guitars, bass amplifiers and public address equipment, but is best known for its solid-body electric guitars and bass guitars, particularly the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision Bass, and the Jazz Bass.

  9. G&L Musical Instruments - Wikipedia

    G&L produces electric guitars and basses with designs based on some classic Fender instruments. The company also produces effects units . G&L's most notable player is Jerry Cantrell , vocalist and guitarist of Alice in Chains , having played several models of the guitar since the '80s, Cantrell also has his own signature Tribute Series Rampage ...

  10. Klasszikus gitár – Wikipédiaár

    A gitár nem a hivatásos zenészek, inkább a műkedvelők hangszere volt. Húrozása négykórusos, leginkább 2 + 2 + 2 + 1 húros elrendezésben. A spanyol Alonso Mudarra 1546-os vihuela-tabulatúrái között már találunk néhány darabot erre a hangszerre.

  11. Akusztikus gitár – Wikipédiaár

    A klasszikus gitár vagy spanyol gitár a gitárnak a hagyományos változata, amelyen elsősorban klasszikus zenét játszanak, de főleg a latin népek népzenéjében, szórakoztató zenéjében kap még fontos szerepet. Régebben bélhúrokkal szólalt meg, manapság műanyag húrozattal látják el.

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