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  1. Philippines has two official languages: Filipino, which is based on Tagalog with its eight main dialects, and English, which tends to be American English. Wedding vows are usually spoken in English, but below, we show the Tagalog version, (kindly translated for us by a nice Filipina lady).

  2. Aug 05, 2019 · Ethnologue on the other hand lists Tagalog as one of the principal languages of the Philippines together with Filipino and English. The Philippines is a diverse country with several ethnic and immigrant communities. Right now, 183 languages and dialects are spoken in the country.

  3. The Philippines (Filipino: Pilipinas), officially the Republic of the Philippines (Republika ng Pilipinas), is an archipelago of more than 7,100 islands in Southeast Asia between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea. The country has one of the world's longest coastlines with many fine beaches and excellent diving. There is great cultural ...

  4. Sep 07, 2022 · Like any living language, Filipino is in a process of development through loans from Philippine languages and non-native languages for various situations, among speakers of different social backgrounds, and for topics for conversation and scholarly discourse. There are about 76 to 78 major language groups, with more than 500 dialects. RELIGION

  5. The Philippines is an island country in Southeast Asia in the Pacific Ocean.It has 7,641 islands. The capital city of the Philippines is Manila.. Spain (1521–1898), and the United States (1898–1946), colonized (controlled) the country and Palau, which is on the eastern side of the Philippine Sea.

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    Marinduque is considered as the geographical center of the Philippine archipelago by the Luzon Datum of 1911, the mother of all Philippine geodetic surveys. [citation needed] The province is a "heart-shaped" island with a total land area of 952.58 square kilometres (367.79 sq mi), situated between Tayabas Bay in the north and Sibuyan Sea to the south.

  7. After Singapore's independence in 1965, there was a general language shift in the country's interracial lingua franca from Malay to English, which was chosen as the first language for the country. Among the Chinese community in Singapore, there was a language shift from the various dialects of Chinese to English and Mandarin Chinese.

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