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    Hwang Pyong-so (born c. 1949) is a North Korean general and politician who held the rank of Vice Marshal (Korean: 차수, Ch'asu) in the Korean People's Army (KPA). He was a member of the Presidium of the Workers' Party of Korea and the top-ranking vice-chairman of the State Affairs Commission.

  2. Hwang Pyong-so - Wikipedia › wiki › Hwang_Pyong-so

    Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Hwang Pyong-so ( 1949) è un generale e politico nordcoreano, detiene il grado di Vice-maresciallo nell' Armata del popolo coreano, è membro del presidium del Partito del Lavoro di Corea ed è stato il più alto vicepresidente della Commissione per gli Affari di Stato .

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    Hwang Pyong-so bei den Asienspielen 2014 in Südkorea Hwang Pyong-so ( 황병서 ; * um 1952) ist ein nordkoreanischer Führungskader und Vizemarschall der Nordkoreanischen Streitkräfte . Er ist Mitglied in der Zentralen Militärkommission der Partei der Arbeit Koreas und war auch Angehöriger der Nationalen Verteidigungskommission .

    • 황병서 (koreanisch); 黃炳瑞 (Hanja)
    • nordkoreanischer Führungskader und Vizemarschall
    • um 1952
    • Hwang, Pyong-so
  4. Hwang Pyong-so — Wikipédia › wiki › Hwang_Pyong-so

    Hwang Pyong-so (coréen : 황병서) est un homme politique et militaire nord-coréen.. Après avoir entamé une carrière dans l'administration du Parti du travail de Corée dans les années 1990, il est nommé, le 1 er mai 2014, à la tête du bureau politique de l'Armée populaire de Corée, le plus haut poste dans les forces armées.

  5. Hwang Pyong-so | Military Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Hwang_Pyong-so

    Hwang Pyong-so is a North Korean general and politician who holds the rank of Chasu (Korean language: 차수 , Vice Marshal) in the Korean People's Army. He is a central leadership member of the Workers' Party of Korea. In September 2010, Hwang was appointed an alternate member of the Party Central Committee, holding the position of vice-director of the Organization and Guidance Department ...

  6. 13th National Defence Commission - Wikipedia › wiki › 13th_National_Defence

    Hwang Pyong-so The 13th National Defence Commission (NDC) of North Korea was elected by the 1st Session of the 13th Supreme People's Assembly on 9 April 2014. [1] It was replaced on 29 June 2016 by the 13th State Affairs Commission .

  7. Huang - Wikipedia › wiki › Hwang

    Huang (jade), a jade arc-shaped artifact that was used as a pendant. Fenghuang, mythological birds of East Asia. Huang, a character in the anime cartoon Darker than Black. Huang (Coca-Cola), a brand of Coca-Cola. Huang Harmonicas, a Chinese-based manufacturer of harmonicas, founded by noted harmonicist Cham-ber Huang.

  8. Jang Song-u - Wikipedia › wiki › Jang_Song-u

    Jang Song-u (Korean: 장성우) (Born 7 April 1933 - died August 2009) was a North Korean politician and general.He is from Cheonnae-gun, South Hamgyeong Province. As the elder brother of Jang Seong-gil and Jang Song-thaek, he was the chief commander of the 1983 Rangoon bombing at Aung San Mausoleum in Yangon, Myanmar.

  9. Pak Ki-so - Wikipedia › wiki › Pak_Ki-so

    Pak Ki-so (Korean: 박기서) (1929-January 2010) was a North Korean politician and marshal.He served as the commander of Pyongyang Defense Command. Biography. In November 1970 he was appointed an alternate member of the 5th Central Committee and elected to full member of the 6th Central Committee in October 1980, following the 6th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea.

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