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    iso 4217コードは、世界中の銀行やビジネスで使用されている。多くの国では、一般的な通貨のコードは非常によく知られており、新聞や銀行等で表示される為替レートは、翻訳された通貨名や曖昧な通貨記号の

  2. ISO 4217 (ИСО 4217) Коды для представления валют и фондов Codes for the representation of currencies and funds (англ.) Codes pour la représentation des monnaies et types de fonds (фр.)

  3. The United Nations uses a combination of ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 and alpha-3 codes, along with codes that pre-date the creation of ISO 3166, for international vehicle registration codes, which are codes used to identify the issuing country of a vehicle registration plate; some of these codes are currently indeterminately reserved in ISO 3166-1.

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    ISO 16750, Road vehicles – Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment, is a series of ISO standards which provide guidance regarding environmental conditions commonly encountered by electrical and electronic systems installed in automobiles and specify requirements and tests.

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    L'ISO 216 è lo standard definito dalla Organizzazione internazionale per la normazione per individuare alcuni formati di carta usati in numerosi Paesi, specialmente in Europa, per usi tipografici. Negli Stati Uniti e in Canada sopravvive una diversa norma che dà origine al formato Letter .

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