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    ITV2 is a British free-to-air television channel owned by ITV Digital Channels, a division of ITV plc. It was launched on 7 December 1998. For a number of years, it had the largest audience share after the five analogue terrestrial stations, a claim now held by its sister service ITV3 both of which are freely available to a majority of households.

    • History

      Prior to the launch of Channel 4 in 1982, the name "ITV2"...

    • Awards

      ITV2 won Channel of the Year at the Broadcast Digital Awards...

    • Criticisms

      In 2014, the channel was subject to a controversy about one...

    • Subsidiary channels

      ITV2 +1 launched 30 October 2006 along with ITV3 +1 it was...

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    ITV2 From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ITV2 is a 24 hour a day free-to-air entertainment television channel in the United Kingdom owned by ITV Digital Channels Ltd, a part of ITV plc. It was Released on 7 December 1998, and is available on digital television by satellite, cable, IPTV and terrestrial Avago platforms.

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    ITV Sport has broadcast many boxing matches over the years under the Big Fight Live banner and the sport was a regular fixture on ITV screens until the mid 1990s when ITV lost its two premier contracts to Sky Sports In 2005, ITV returned to the ring when it reached an agreement to broadcast the main share of Frank Warren's Sports Network fights ...

    • United Kingdom
    • London
    • 22 September 1955; 65 years ago
    • ITV plc (13 licences), STV Group (2 licences)
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    ITV is a British free-to-air television channel owned and operated by ITV plc. It operates the Channel 3 service for the country with the exception of the central and northern areas of Scotland. ITV as a consistent national channel evolved out of the old ITV network - a federation of separately owned regional companies which had significantly different local schedules and branding. Arguably the single biggest move in the creation of ITV in its present form came in 2004 when Granada Television ac

    Following the creation of the Television Act 1954, the establishment of a commercial television service in the UK began. The Independent Television service, abbreviated ITV, was made up of distinct regions, with each region run by different franchisee companies. The three largest regions, London, the Midlands, and the North of England, were sub-divided into weekday and weekend services, with a different company running each. The service was very heavily regulated until the early 1990s. The regul

    ITV was formed by the unification of eleven of the ITV licences. The United Kingdom Broadcasting Act 1990 changed many of the rules regulating the ITV network, which most notably relaxed separate franchise ownership, and hours of production. However, as far back as 1974, Yorkshire Television and its North East neighbour, Tyne Tees Television, formally created Trident Television, a merged entity of the two companies. By 1981, due to regulation, the company was forced to de-merge; however, they re

    A high-definition simulcast of ITV, ITV HD, debuted on 7 June 2008, with the technical launch of the Freeview HD service. The channel has its roots in ITV HD, which began as a trial service in 2006 on a low-power digital terrestrial channel from London's Crystal Palace transmitti

    On 1 September 2009, it was announced that ITV would get a one-hour timeshift on digital satellite and Virgin Media, on 1 October 2009, subject to the Competition Commission's ruling on the contract rights renewal system. However, on 18 September 2009, it was announced that ITV1

    ITV channels are available on cable and IPTV in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. In the Republic of Ireland, ITV was widely available, however, UTV Ireland was launched in 2015 and replaced UTV in the Republic of Ireland. UTV Ireland has since ceased broadcasting in Ireland. ITV is registered to broadcast within the European Union/EEA through ALIA in Luxembourg. Since 27 March 2013, ITV London has been offered by British Forces Broadcasting Service to members of HM Forces and their families around

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    ITV2 je zábavní kanál vysílající komedie, spin-offy známých pořadů (Britain’s Got More Talent, Xtra Factor, seriály (Upíří deníky, Super drbna) a vlastní tvorbu (Celebrity Juice, The Only Way is Essex).

    • 7. prosince 2001
    • ITV Digital Channels Ltd., (ITV plc)
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    ITV (TV channel), a brand name used by ITV plc for twelve franchises of the ITV television network covering England, Southern Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands ITV Digital , a defunct UK digital terrestrial television broadcaster, which opened in 1998 as ONdigital and closed in 2002

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    ITV2 is a 24 hour, free-to-air entertainment television channel in the United Kingdom owned by ITV Digita Channels Ltd, part of the ITV Network. It was launched on 7 December 1998, and is available on digital television via satellite, cable, IPTV and terrestrial (Freeview) platforms.

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    LittleBe (stylized as little Be) is a British children's preschool television programming block broadcast by ITVBe.The block was launched on 3 September 2018. The block airs at 9:00am to 12:00pm on weekends and weekdays.

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    ITV2 was launched on 7 December, 1998. The first look was designed by English & Pockett. This is the first stacked logo for ITV 2, the number two also used static colours. Even the number 2 was tilted and was the first tilted logo. This logo is very similar to RTP1 and RTP2from 1996. 1. The TV Room

    A new look for ITV2 was also designed by English & Pockett and it was launched on 19 November, 2001, bringing ITV2 in line with ITV1. 1. "We created a branding solution that builds on ITV1's positioning and reinforces the modern and active character of ITV2. 2. ITV2is all about doing, entertaining, playing and winning. While the graphic presentation is modern and stylised, the use of conversation and realistic effects in the sound design make the brand feel human and accessible. 3. The modern styling is based on typography and language. The idents are active – swimming, dancing, bowling, fairground attractions – positive lifestyle attributes."- English & Pockett 1. Marketing 1. The TV Room

    A slight logo change was done on 28 October, 2002. This logo changed from a two-dimensional logo to a three-dimensional logo, this logo was animated and it was the first three-dimensional logo. 1. The TV Room2

    This logo, created by Bruce Dunlop and Associates was launched on 14 July, 2003. The new look often featured the word "flip:side", which positions ITV2 against ITV1. One aspect of this was the logo which has reversed colours to ITV1. When ITV1's logo was yellow, ITV2's was blue, and vice versa. 1. "Our new design work on ITV2 has created a more focused look for the channel, creating a brand that does justice to its strong position in the market. We set out to show that there is a whole other side to ITV and in doing so strengthened both ITV1 and ITV2. Our idea to ‘flip’ the three blue blocks and one yellow block of ITV1 to the opposite ratio for ITV2 was the natural visual realisation of this. This allowed us to have fun with the channel and at the same time create a distinctive, uncompromising attitude and look." - Matt Piper, designer, Bruce Dunlop & Associates

    ITV1, ITV2 and ITV3 got new looks and new logos on 16 January, 2006. The new look was created by Red Bee Media. 1. "ITV2 programming has an addictive quality to it – you just can’t help watching it! As a result, the creative idea for the branding for this channel is centred around fun, excess, and general over-the-topness – too much of everything. It’s a journey through a visually rich, vibrant and stylish ITV2 environment. The idents use a mixture of live action and animation to bring this world to life. This is also taken through into the on-screen design elements from promo ends to menus to break bumpers" - ITV plcpress release 1. The TV Room 2. The Ident Gallery 3. Vimeo: ITV 2 Rebrand 2006

    A new look for ITV2was launched on 20 August, 2008. The new look features the previous logo, but it is now always in 3D and tilted. The number two changed from black to metal, but the number two was 3-dimensional. The limegreen colour was kept, but it became lighter. This is the second three dimensional and tilted logo. 1. Broadcast 2. ITV2 unveils its autumn schedule and a brand new look for the channel 3. The TV Room 4. The Ident Gallery

    As part of the ITVrebranding on 14 January, 2013, ITV2 received a "hot red" version of the 2013 ITV logo, establishing ITV2 as the "home of infectious entertainment".

    On 12 August 2015, ITV2 changed their logo from a "hot red" logo to a "green-cyan gradient" logo. Also, ITV2 changed their slogan from "home of infectious entertainment" to "TV. And Then Some". This is also the second green ITV2logo and the second "hot red" logo, only as a gradient.

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