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    Illinois (/ ˌ ɪ l ə ˈ n ɔɪ / IL-ə-NOY) is a state in the Midwestern and Great Lakes regions of the United States. It has the fifth largest gross domestic product (GDP), the sixth largest population, and the 25th largest land area of all U.S. states. Illinois has been noted as a microcosm of the entire United States.

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  2. Champaign, Illinois - Wikipedia,_Illinois

    Champaign was founded in 1855, when the Illinois Central Railroad laid its rail track two miles (3 km) west of downtown Urbana. Originally called "West Urbana", it was renamed Champaign when it acquired a city charter in 1860.

  3. Springfield, Illinois - Wikipedia,_Illinois

    Springfield is the capital of the U.S. state of Illinois and the county seat and largest city of Sangamon County.The city's population was 116,250 at the 2010 U.S. Census, which makes it the state's sixth most-populous city, the second largest outside of the Chicago metropolitan area (after Rockford), and the largest in central Illinois.

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  4. Illinois (Sufjan Stevens album) - Wikipedia

    Illinois (styled Sufjan Stevens Invites You To: Come On Feel the ILLINOISE on the cover; sometimes written as Illinoise) is a 2005 concept album by American singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens. His fifth studio album, it features songs referencing places, events, and persons related to the U.S. state of Illinois .

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  5. Illinois was once known to be a swing state (voted for either Democratic Party or the Republican Party). Today, Illinois is known to be a blue state in which it votes for the Democratic Party. The last time Illinois voted for a Republican president was in 1988 for George H.W. Bush. J. B. Pritzker (D) is the current Governor of Illinois.

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    From a French adaptation of an Algonquian (perhaps Ojibwe) name derived from Miami ilenweewa (“he speaks the regular way”).


    1. IPA(key): /ˌɪləˈnɔɪ/

    Proper noun

    Illinois 1. A state of the United States. 2. A tribe who formerly inhabited the region between the Wabash and Mississippirivers. 3. The language spoken by this tribe, the Miami-Illinois language.quotations ▼ 3.1. 1917, Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, page 91: 3.1.1. Another interesting Illinoisword is the name of the celebrated chief, which the French made Chachagouache. 3.2. 2004, Sandy Nestor, Indian Placenames in America, volume 1, page 61: 3.2.1. PISTAKEE LAKE (Lake) Par...


    Borrowed from English Illinois.

    Proper noun

    Illinois (genitive Illinois') 1. Illinois (a state of the United States)


    From English Illinois.


    1. IPA(key): /ˈilːinoi̯s/, [ˈilːino̞i̯s̠] 2. Rhymes: -ilːinois 3. Syllabification: Il‧li‧nois

    Proper noun

    Illinois 1. Illinois (a state of the United States)


    1. IPA(key): /

    Proper noun

    Illinois m 1. Illinois (a state of the United States)


    From French Illinois, chiefly through English Illinois.


    1. IPA(key): /ˈɪliˌnɔʏ̯/ 2. IPA(key): /ˌɪliˈnɔʏ̯/ (probably less common) 3. (unclear which stress pattern is used)

    Proper noun

    Illinois n (genitive Illinois') 1. Illinois (a state of the United States)

    Proper noun

    Illinois m 1. Illinois (a state of the United States)

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  7. Naperville, Illinois - Wikipedia,_Illinois

    Naperville (/ ˈ n eɪ p ər ˌ v ɪ l /) is a city in DuPage and Will counties in the U.S. state of Illinois and a suburb of Chicago.Located 28 miles (45 km) west of Chicago, Naperville was founded in 1831 and developed into the third-largest city in Illinois.

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  8. Decatur, Illinois - Wikipedia,_Illinois

    Decatur / d ɪ ˈ k eɪ t ər / is the largest city and the county seat of Macon County in the U.S. state of Illinois, with a population of 76,122 as of the 2010 Census.The city was founded in 1829 and is situated along the Sangamon River and Lake Decatur in Central Illinois.

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  9. Galena, Illinois - Wikipedia,_Illinois

    Galena is the largest city in and the county seat of Jo Daviess County, Illinois, with a population of 3,429 at the 2010 census. A 581-acre (235 ha) section of the city is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Galena Historic District.

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  10. Peoria, Illinois - Wikipedia,_Illinois

    Peoria is the oldest European settlement in Illinois, as explorers first ventured up the Illinois River from the Mississippi. The lands that eventually would become Peoria were first settled by Europeans in 1680, [citation needed] when French explorers René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle and Henri de Tonti constructed Fort Crevecoeur.

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