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    Industrial music is a genre of music that draws on harsh, transgressive or provocative sounds and themes.AllMusic defines industrial music as the "most abrasive and aggressive fusion of rock and electronic music" that was "initially a blend of avant-garde electronics experiments (tape music, musique concrète, white noise, synthesizers, sequencers, etc.) and punk provocation".

  2. List of industrial music genres - Wikipedia

    Industrial music comprises many styles of experimental music, including many forms of electronic music. The term was coined in the mid-1970s for Industrial Records artists. The first industrial artists experimented with noise and controversial topics.

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    This is a list of notable bands that play industrial music, or have been described as playing such at some point in their careers. 0-9. 16 Volt ...

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    Industrial music is a term that describes a wide range of music, generally mixing rock with samplers and electronic instruments and sounds. The main article for this category is Industrial music . Rock music portal

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    Wikimedia Commons has media related to Industrial music.: Subcategories. This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total.

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    Industrial music is a genre of experimental music that draws on transgressive and provocative themes. The term was coined in the mid-1970s, [1] and precursors included acts such as electronic group Kraftwerk , experimental rock acts such as The Velvet Underground and Frank Zappa , psychedelic rock artists such as Jimi Hendrix , and composers ...

    Festival name
    Genre and details
    Eponymous, multi-day Industrial / EBM / Aggrotech / etc. festival that began on the 10th anniversary of this production & DJ crew.
    Factory Fest
    A small industrial / post-industrial / industrial metal festival which for the first time is organized indoor for one evening in 2020.
    two day festival of techno-industrial, industrial hardcore, acid techno and dark techno. With a cyberpunk philosophy, esthetic and visuals.
    Dry Sockets
    Victoria, BC, Canada
    Two day festival of death industrial, power electronics, harsh noise, harsh ambient and synth-creep with a strong DIY ethic.
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  8. Industrial metal - Wikipedia

    Industrial metal is the fusion of heavy metal music and industrial music, typically employing repeating metal guitar riffs, sampling, synthesizer or sequencer lines, and distorted vocals. Prominent industrial metal acts include Ministry , Godflesh , KMFDM , Rammstein , and Nine Inch Nails .

  9. Industrial rock - Wikipedia

    Industrial rock is an alternative rock genre that fuses industrial music and rock music.It initially originated in the 1970s, and drew influence from early experimental and industrial acts such as Cromagnon, Throbbing Gristle, Einstürzende Neubauten, and Chrome.

  10. Electro-industrial - Wikipedia

    Electro-industrial is a music genre that emerged from industrial music in the mid-1980s. While EBM (electronic body music) has a minimal structure and clean production, electro-industrial tends to have a grittier, complex and layered sound.

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