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    Ingrid Bergman (29 August 1915 – 29 August 1982) was a Swedish actress who starred in a variety of European and American films, television movies, and plays. She won many accolades, as a thespian who achieved the Triple Crown of Acting with three Academy Awards, two Primetime Emmy Awards, and a Tony Award, along with four Golden Globe Awards, and a BAFTA Award.

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    Ernst Ingmar Bergman (14 July 1918 – 30 July 2007) was a Swedish director, writer, and producer who worked in film, television, theatre, and radio. Considered to be among the most accomplished and influential filmmakers of all time, Bergman's films include Smiles of a Summer Night (1955), The Seventh Seal (1957), The Silence (1963), Wild Strawberries (1957), Persona (1966), Cries and ...

    • Film director, producer, screenwriter
    • Ernst Ingmar Bergman, 14 July 1918, Uppsala, Sweden
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    Ingrid Bergman was one of the greatest actresses from Hollywood's lamented Golden Era. Her natural and unpretentious beauty and her immense acting talent made her one of the most celebrated figures in the history of American cinema. Bergman is also one of the most Oscar-awarded actresses, tied with Meryl Streep, both second only to Katharine Hepburn.

    Ingrid Bergman was born on August 29, 1915 in Stockholm, Sweden, to a German mother, Frieda Henrietta (Adler), and a Swedish father, Justus Samuel Bergman, an artist and photographer. Her mother died when she was only two and her father died when she was 12. She went to live with an elderly uncle.

    The woman who would be one of the top stars in Hollywood in the 1940s had decided to become an actress after finishing her formal schooling. She had had a taste of acting at age 17 when she played an uncredited role of a girl standing in line in the Swedish film Landskamp (1932) in 1932 - not much of a beginning for a girl who would be known as \\"Sweden's illustrious gift to Hollywood.\\" Her parents died when she was just a girl and the uncle she lived with didn't want to stand in the way of Ingrid's dream. The next year she enrolled at the Royal Dramatic Theatre School in Stockholm but decided that stage acting was not for her. It would be three more years before she would have another chance at a film. When she did, it was more than just a bit part. The film in question was The Count of the Old Town (1935), where she had a speaking part as Elsa Edlund. After several films that year that established her as a class actress, Ingrid appeared in Intermezzo (1936) as Anita Hoffman. Luckily for her, American producer David O. Selznick saw it and sent a representative from Selznick International Pictures to gain rights to the story and have Ingrid signed to a contract. Once signed, she came to California and starred in United Artists' 1939 remake of her 1936 film, Intermezzo (1939), reprising her original role. The film was a hit and so was Ingrid.

    Ingrid continued to make films in Italy and finally returned to Hollywood in 1956 in the title role in Anastasia (1956), which was filmed in England. For this she won her second Academy Award. She had scarcely missed a beat. Ingrid continued to bounce between Europe and the US making movies, and fine ones at that. A film with Ingrid Bergman was sure to be a quality production. In her final big-screen performance in 1978's Autumn Sonata (1978) she had her final Academy Award nomination. Though she didn't win, many felt it was the most sterling performance of her career. Ingrid retired, but not before she gave an outstanding performance in the mini-series A Woman Called Golda (1982), a film about Israeli prime minister Golda Meir. For this she won an Emmy Award as Best Actress, but, unfortunately, she did not live to see the fruits of her labor.

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    Mar 08, 2019 · Ingrid Bergman: Childhood, Education. Ingrid Bergman was born in Stockholm, Sweden on August 29, 1915, she was the daughter of Justus Samuel Bergman and Friedel Bergman, her father was an Artist, and her mother died when Ingrid was just two years old.

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    Aug 27, 2019 · Ingrid Bergman Biography (1915–1982) Updated: Aug 27, 2019 Original: Apr 2, 2014. Ingrid Bergman was an internationally renowned Swedish actress known for works like Casablanca, Spellbound and ...

    • August 29, 1915
    • August 29, 1982
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    Aug 25, 2020 · Ingrid Bergman, Swedish actress whose natural charm, freshness, intelligence, and vitality made her the image of sincerity and idealized womanhood. Her films included Casablanca, The Bells of St. Mary’s, Notorious, Joan of Arc, Murder on the Orient Express, and Autumn Sonata.

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    Ingrid Bergman (Stockholm, 29. kolovoza 1915.- London, 29. kolovoza 1982.), švedska filmska i kazališna glumica, trostruka dobitnica Oscara.Američki filmski institut proglasio ju je četvrtom najvećom ženskom glumačkom zvijezdom u povijesti.

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    Ingrid Bergman [1] (Estocolmo, 29 de agosto de 1915 — Londres, 29 de agosto de 1982) foi uma atriz sueca, [2] que estrelou em uma variedade de filmes europeus e americanos, telefilmes e peças de teatro. Nasceu na capital sueca, às 3h30min do dia 29 de agosto de 1915, filha de mãe alemã e pai sueco.

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    Ingrid Bergman löysi oman tyylinsä suoranaista itsepäisyyttään: kun Selznick vaati että hänen olisi amerikkalaisissa elokuvissa esiintyäkseen ensinnäkin muutettava nimensä ja sitten myös ulkomuotonsa eli värjättävä hiuksensa, nypittävä kulmakarvansa ja laitettava kuorikot hampaisiinsa, Bergman ilmoitti kylmästi että noilla ...