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  1. Ray Cooper - Wikipedia

    The organ has been named the Sir Elton John and Ray Cooper Organ, and was heard for the first time on 7 October 2013. In a greeting to Cooper on his 70th birthday, John's website stated that when Elton composed the song "Tambourine" for his 2016 Wonderful Crazy Night album, he made sure to bring in Cooper to play the instrument on the track.

  2. Ray Cooper - Elton John

    The official website of Elton John, featuring tour dates, stories, interviews, pictures, exclusive merch and more

  3. The Band - Elton John

    All the info on Elton's famous band

  4. Elton John and Ray Cooper formed the perfect team in Russia ...

    Jun 25, 2020 · Ray Cooper joined Elton John’s band as a percussionist in 1972. “It was a ticket to ride,” he says today, looking back at his decades of experience working with John, both onstage and in the studio. “It was like joining the navy. I saw the world, and it was extraordinary.”

  5. Ray Cooper - DRUMMERWORLD

    Cooper is also serving as Elton John's percussionist in his band, and also for a small exclusive series of shows out of the US. It will be a solo show by Elton John but with Ray Cooper on percussion also. This will be the first time since 1995 that Cooper and John have played together.

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  7. Ray Cooper Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth

    Jun 01, 2018 · He was also a touring member of the Elton John band. Ray Cooper has worked on several films and appeared in some as well including as The Preacher in the movie Popeye in 1980.

  8. List of Elton John and Ray Cooper concert tours - Wikipedia

    List of Elton John and Ray Cooper concert tours; Tour by Elton John: Start date: 2 May 1977: End date: 29 March 2012: Legs: 10: No. of shows: 5 in 1977 117 in 1979 1 in 1990 20 in 1993 29 in 1994 16 in 1995 7 in 2009 31 in 2010 4 in 2011 4 in 2012 234 in Total

    5 February 1979
    6 February 1979
    7 February 1979
    8 February 1979
  9. Elton John performing "Funeral For A Friend / Tonight " with Ray Cooper on percussion. Live In Russia 2010, Moscow Crocus City Hall. At the invitation of Elt...

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  10. Elton John and Ray Cooper played in a restaurant in the Soviet Union song "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" (written by Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong). P...

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