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  1. Adapting to hot environments is as complex as adapting to cold ones. However, cold adaptation is usually more difficult physiologically for humans since we are not sub arctic animals by nature. We do not grow dense fur coats nor do we usually have thick layers of fat insulation like polar bears.

  2. cold-blooded predators need much less food than warm-blooded ones, so a given mass of prey can support far more cold-blooded predators than warm-blooded ones. the ratio of the total mass of predators to prey in dinosaur communities was much more like that of modern and recent warm-blooded communities than that of recent or fossil cold-blooded ...

  3. Oct 04, 2015 · Over three hundred years have passed since the Calamity War, the great conflict between Earth and its outer space colonies. Now Earth is ruled over by four economic blocs, and the military organization Gjallarhorn is responsible for keeping the peace. Mars, on the other hand, depends heavily on Earth's economy. Horrified by the appalling living conditions that Mars' inhabitants have to bear ...

  4. As amphibians are cold blooded animals, they cannot withstand cold environment and hence go into hibernation during the winter season. Eyes positioned on the top of the head don’t just facilitate a wide angle view for these species, but also help them stay in the water with their eyes just above the water surface.

  5. White sharks are often referred to as "cold-blooded killers," but they actually have the ability to warm their blood. Having the ability to keep their warmth helps them as predators as well. Another group of sharks, known as the mackerel sharks are able to warm their blood.

  6. Aug 24, 2018 · The six life processes in human beings are: growth and development, movement and responding to stimuli, order and organization, reproduction and heredity, energy utilization and homeostasis. All living things exhibit these processes, but some scientists arrange or label these processes differently.

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