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  2. How to Open a New Book | AbeBooks' Reading Copy

    May 16, 2012 · It may sound easy-peasy, but for maximum spine protection and book-life extension, there is indeed a way to open a new (hardcover) book.

  3. 11 Tips on Getting Your Book Published | HuffPost

    Jun 14, 2015 · There is no single "correct" path to getting a book published. Every author, every book and every career is different. I've worked with and without agents; I've published with a small academic press and with a big trade one; I've worked with good editors and bad ones; I've followed some standard industry guidelines, and I've broken plenty of others.

  4. What It Takes to Open a Bookstore - The New York Times

    Nov 29, 2016 · Ms. Santos plans to open her own book store in The Bronx. Credit... Yana Paskova for The New York Times. ... and tried hard not to make assumptions about what might sell well. That said, it’s ...

  5. How to safely open your new book - YouTube

    Preserve the binding a spine of your new hard cover book by this simple and quick process of safely opening it for the first time.

    • 3 min
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    • Harold Miller
  6. How to open a new hardcover book -

    Jul 23, 2005 · Conditioning is easy and takes only a few moments. Aside from making the book easier to read, it will also reduce ugly and damaging cracks in the binding that may, over time, cause the book to always open at a given place or even fall apart on you entirely. Here's what you should do: Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly.

  7. Jul 23, 2020 · Lift the cover when you open the book. Book covers are usually a different texture than the book pages. If you cannot find the book cover, use the very top layer of the book. Place your thumb under the cover, then apply pressure on the cover's top with your index finger.

    • 1. Lay the book face-up in front of you for the best result. The bottom of the book should be parallel to your torso.
    • 2. Lift the cover when you open the book. Book covers are usually a different texture than the book pages. If you cannot find the book cover, use t...
    • 3. Gently lift the cover up and to the left. Everything under the cover should remain on the table top. The cover will not detach from the spine of...
  8. Break In a Hardcover Book (Without Ruining the Spine)

    Just lay the book on its spine, as shown to the right, and alternate between opening a few pages from the front and back. This should "limber up" the binding without breaking it, and make reading a...

  9. How to Open a Book on Your Kindle Fire - dummies

    To open a book from the Home screen, tap Books to open the Books library. Locate the book you want to read (swipe upward if you need to reveal more books in the list) and simply tap it. If the book has not been downloaded to your Kindle Fire, it begins to download and takes only seconds to complete.

  10. How to hold a paperback book open? Completely Hands-free!

    7 Ways to Hold a Paperback Book Open 1. Wooden or Plastic Book Stands. These books stands hold the book at an angle and keep the pages open with their two arms at the bottom.You can easily adjust the inclination of the book to suit your needs. For example, you can use them while reading in bed, or if you are cooking in a kitchen counter top.

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