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  1. Spider Man PS4 Venom - Is Venom in Spider Man PS4? | USgamer

    Sep 12, 2018 · Spider Man PS4 Venom. There are a lot of iconic Spidey villains in Spider Man PS4. From Electro to Vulture, all of the Sinister Six are included, alongside Shocker, Taskmaster, Tombstone, and even ...

    • Jake Green
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  2. Spider-Man PS4 Venom: Where is the Venom Suit in the Game ...

    Venom in Spider-Man PS4 is one of the first things I wished for when I heard the game existed. I mean Venom is pretty much the coolest character in the Spider-Man mythos. I even hoped that there ...

    • Jason Faulkner
  3. Spider-Man PS4: Where Venom Is (Spoilers)

    Sep 06, 2018 · Where Venom Is in Spider-Man PS4. There are a bundle of iconic villains in Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man for the PS4, but the juiciest little tease that had fans really excited prior to release ...

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  4. Is Harry Osborn Venom in Spider-Man PS4? - GameRevolution

    Spider-Man PS4 Post-Credits Scene: Is Harry Osborn Venom? Harry Osborn’s treatment sits him in a vat of green substance, and he looks to have bulked up despite his condition, suggesting chemical ...

    • Mack Ashworth
  5. Rumor: Spider-Man PS4 Sequel Features Venom, Coming In 2021

    Mar 23, 2020 · Rumor: Spider-Man PS4 Sequel Features Venom, Coming In 2021. A believable rumor is making the rounds that details the story and villains of Spider-Man PS4's sequel, which will be on PS5.

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  7. Hey guys! Hopefully you enjoyed the video & hopefully we'll see Venom in the upcoming Spider-Man 2 or Spider-Man PS5. There's still a chance that he'll be in...

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  8. Venom (2020 PS4 Video Game) | Idea Wiki | Fandom
    • Rating
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    M (Mature) for Blood/Gore, Intense Violence, Language, and Suggestive Themes This game was going to have a T-Rating, but since Venom is a very violent character, this game pushed the T-rating and is just minimum M-rating; similar to Batman: Arkham Knight.

    The immersive combat system is partially inspired by the Batman: Arkham video games, mixing those dodge and attack elements with web gadgets, parkour, swinging, and great variety in combat, as the...
    Venom brings his fight moves and unique abilities back from the second Spider-Man installment (the Venom DLC) and improves upon the combat system, enhances the system, and implements upgrades, RPG...
    The maximum level cap for Spider-Man is 65 as well, and Insomniac Gamesis continuing making it challenging to level up to add difficulty to the game
    There is a character wheel; the player can change from Spider-Man to Venom with the simplicity of a button; the game switches between the two characters every other mission but when players decide...

    Main Story (alone): 39 hours Main Story (plus a few extra activities): 49 hours 100% Completion: 84 hours

    Playable Characters

    1. Eddie Brock/Venom (Benjamin Diskin) 2. Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Yuri Lowenthal) 3. Yuri Watanabe/Wraith (Tara Platt; playable in separate story DLC and can be accessed in challenge maps) 4. Flash Thompson/Agent Venom (Joshua LeBar; playable in separate story DLC and can be accessed in challenge maps)


    1. Eddie Brock/Venom (Benjamin Diskin) 2. Peter Parker/Spider-Man(Yuri Lowenthal) 3. Flash Thompson/Agent Venom(Joshua LeBar)

    Main Story Antagonists

    1. Cletus Kasady/Carnage 2. Stanley Carter/Sin-Eater 3. Carlton Drake/Riot 4. Donna Diego/Scream 5. Phage 6. Anne Weying/She-Venom 7. Ramon Hernandez/Lasher 8. Leslie Gesneria/Agony 9. Yuri Watanabe/Wraith 10. Abe Jenkins/Beetle 11. Mac Gargan/Scorpion

    Several months have passed since the Osborn family's death and Peter continues spending his days as a Wall-Crawler and learning, through hardships and loss, that those hardships build his character. Meanwhile, Eddie Brock continues to leech off the power of the black symbiote and as he draws less attention towards Peter and more attention towards a flying maniac known as the Beetle, Eddie becomes somewhat of an anti-hero. Eddie goes after the Beetle because he is targeting New York's highest authorities and a new CEO known as Carlton Drake, who reaches out to Eddie and nabs on attempting to get closer to Eddie. Eddie investigates the Beetle and Drake and finds himself in a big web of conflicts; Drake has funded an organization known as the Life Foundation, keen on the black symbiote and innocent people are dying due to Drake's immoral ethics. This draws in two crazed serial killers who warps Eddie's mentality and draws in Peter, who Eddie is forced to work with to stop the bigger pr...

    (All of these events total up to 78 missions) Chapter 1: 1. Venom vs. Beetle; Eddie finds out the infamous flying suit known as Abe Jenkins is robbing New York’s highest officials and planning to hit someone known as Carlton Drake, an up and rising philanthropist who befriends Eddie (through the streets in which Eddie is homeless in after losing his job at the Bugle in Spider-Man 2); Eddie grows suspicious of Drake and eventually takes down the Beetle and injures him. Meanwhile, as Eddie continues on confirming his suspicions with Drake, he finds out that Drake is actually the founder of a “ghost organization” incorporated in New York and San Francisco known as the Life Foundation. Eddie strives to find out more about this and their dark secret; Eddie also notices Drake hanging out with a lot of homeless people (even ones from FEAST) and those same homeless people going missing. Meanwhile, as Eddie continues living on the streets of Brooklyn, he reconnects with his old fiance, Anne...

    Kasady has managed to connect all the substances from the five utopian symbiotes from the Life Foundation, Eddie’s symbiote, and combined it with a red, female hybrid creating Carnage; the Carnage is the ultimate symbiote and may be much smaller than Venom, but is extremely deadly, violent, and powerful. Carnage goes on a killing spree… People are dying left and right; innocent people. The body count is endless and Venom and Spider-Man must put aside their differences once and for all and save the city from this madman. Eddie urges Anne to stay safe in her home, as she wants to become She-Venom (as she can also now control her abilities) and help Eddie and Peter fight off Carnage. Peter keeps MJ safe in the lab where him and Dr. Connors hid in the second game. Eddie and Peter call upon the likes of Wraith and Agent Venom. When Venom, Spider-Man, Wraith, and Agent Venom infiltrate Carnage in Ravencroft, digging deeper into a hole that Carnage dwells in. Wraith and Agent Venom are hur...

    After Credits Scene: Kraven, after several months of being on medical restraint, vows his revenge on Spider-Man. Kraven seems to be talking to himself, but he is not; he is talking to multiple people; Goblin Knight and a terrifyingly ugly green creature. The four form an alliance and Kraven urges that they need to attack now, but the Goblin Knight assures Kraven that their time will come. They need to attack at the right moment.

    Yuri Watanabe/Wraith; it takes Yuri two months to fully recover from her bodily injuries inflicted by Carnage. Since her and DeWolffe are close friends, as well as Spider-Man, DeWolffe promises to...
    Anne Weying- Anne returns to San Francisco and spends her days mourning the late Eddie Brock.
    Ravencroft Institute is completely burned to the ground, living on with the legacy of Carnage and Dr. Kafka.
    After the player beats the game (and can only play as Spider-Man after Venom's death), there will be multiple clues for a sequel (all of the following below);

    A giant expansion pack bundle releases on September 10, 2020; this pack is known as Episodes From The Web of Spider-Man, which includes two giant story DLCs involving Wraith and Agent Venom. The pack costs $39.99, with each of the two episodes costing $25.00 respectively. The first episode revolves around Wraith and releases on July 10, 2020, while the second episode revolves around Agent Venom and releases on September 10, 2020. 1. Familial Legacy Synopsis: Taking two months to recover from Kasady's brutal strike, Yuri comes to good terms with both Spider-Man and DeWolffe, but uses her chance at healing to go after the Wall Street stock broker who returns to New York; Marcus Lyman. Lyman has worked with the Maggia and has smuggled guns and drugs into New York. Lyman was also responsible for the deaths of Yuri's parents all those years ago. Yuri goes full force on Lyman without the knowledge of Spider-Man or DeWolffe as Lyman is incredibly skilled at hiding his corruption and crimes...

  9. How 'Marvel's Spider-Man' May Be Setting up Venom

    Sep 28, 2018 · Marvel fans around the world had one question, asked incessantly, leading up to the launch of Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4: Will Venom be in the game? We were all hoping to see Eddie Brock show up ...

  10. Spider-Man PS4: Here’s Why the Symbiote Suit Isn’t in the Game

    Sep 17, 2018 · Considering this Spider-Man PS4 title is the fastest-selling Marvel game to date, Venom's inclusion in a DLC or in a future game would only help push it to new heights.

    • Joshua Duckworth
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