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  1. Justice League - Wikipedia

    The Justice League is a team of fictional superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.The team was conceived by writer Gardner Fox during the Silver Age of Comic Books as a reimagining of the Golden Age's Justice Society of America.

  2. Justice League of America (film) - Wikipedia

    Justice League of America is a 1997 television film and an unsuccessful pilot produced by CBS and directed by Félix Enríquez Alcalá, based on a team of fictional DC Comics superheroes from the comic of the same name.

  3. Justice Society of America - Wikipedia

    Another JLA/JSA crossover was chronicled in Justice League of America #44–48 and Justice Society of America #41–42 under the Brightest Day banner. James Robinson, the writer who co-wrote the 1999 JSA relaunch, took over as the book's writer for the crossover while Mark Bagley illustrated the entire event. [89]

  4. Justice League of America - Wikipedia

    Justice League of America, (o semplicemente Justice League o JLA, talvolta tradotta con Lega della Giustizia), è un gruppo di supereroi dei fumetti pubblicati negli Stati Uniti d'America dalla DC Comics e creato nel 1960 dallo sceneggiatore Gardner Fox, da un'idea di Julius Schwartz.

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    Justice League of America adalah tim pahlawan super fiksi yang muncul dalam buku komik Amerika yang diterbitkan oleh DC Comics.Justice League disusun oleh penulis Gardner Fox, dan mereka pertama kali muncul bersama, sebagai Justice League of America (JLA) di The Brave dan the Bold #28 (Maret 1960).

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  7. JLA (comic book) - Wikipedia

    JLA was a monthly comic book published by DC Comics from January 1997 to April 2006 featuring the Justice League of America (JLA, Justice League). The series restarted DC's approach to the Justice League which had initially featured most of the company's top-tier superheroes but shifted in the 1980s to featuring a rotating cast of established characters alongside newer ones and also saw that ...

  8. JLA: Act of God - Wikipedia

    JLA: Act of God is a three issue limited series published by DC Comics under the Elseworlds banner in 2000.It is written by Doug Moench and illustrated by Dave Ross.. The story is a psychological look at what could happen to many superheroes if their powers were taken away by an unseen natural event, and has them pondering whether it is right for them to have powers in the first place.

  9. Martian Manhunter - Wikipedia

    In Justice League of America, the Martian Manhunter is a member of the U.S. government-sponsored Justice League, taking orders from Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor. Like other members of the team, he has been selected as a counterpart for a member of the independent Justice League, should they ever go rogue; J'onzz is Superman's counterpart.