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  1. MIDI - Wikipedia

    MIDI (/ ˈ m ɪ d i /; an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a technical standard that describes a communications protocol, digital interface, and electrical connectors that connect a wide variety of electronic musical instruments, computers, and related audio devices for playing, editing and recording music.

  2. General MIDI - Wikipedia

    General MIDI (also known as GM or GM 1) is a standardized specification for electronic musical instruments that respond to MIDI messages. GM was developed by the American MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) and the Japan MIDI Standards Committee (JMSC) and first published in 1991.

  3. Music sequencer - Wikipedia

    In 1983, the MIDI standard was unveiled by Kakehashi and Smith. The first MIDI sequencer was the Roland MSQ-700, released in 1983. It was not until the advent of MIDI that general-purpose computers started to play a role as sequencers. Following the widespread adoption of MIDI, computer-based MIDI sequencers were developed.

  4. Aiguille du Midi - Wikipedia

    The Aiguille du Midi (French pronunciation: [ɛɡij dy midi]) is a 3,842-metre-tall (12,605 ft) mountain in the Mont Blanc massif within the French Alps.It is a popular tourist destination and can be directly accessed by cable car from Chamonix that takes visitors close to Mont Blanc.

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  6. Midibus - Wikipedia

    A midibus is a classification of single-decker minibuses which are generally larger than a traditional minibus but smaller than a full-size single decker and can be anywhere between 8 metres (26 ft 3 in) and 11 metres (36 ft 1 in) long.

  7. Dress - Wikipedia

    Midi dress - a "midi" is used to refer to any dress or skirt that has a hem which hits at mid-calf – halfway between the knee and ankle. [62] Knee length dress- Hemline ends at knee height.

  8. Brussels-South railway station - Wikipedia

    "Le Midi" is a reference to Southern France, as trains departing from this station in the 19th century had the region as their final destination. The name Brussel-Zuid, as the Dutch translation of Bruxelles-Midi, was only introduced after the equality law of 1898. History

  9. MIDI - Wikipedia

    Interfața fizică MIDI folosește conectori DIN5/180°. Sunt folosite conexiuni opto-izolatoare pentru a nu utiliza bucle de împământare a dispozitivului MIDI. MIDI este bazat pe o rețea topologică, având un emițător-receptor în fiecare dispozitiv.

  10. MIDI juga mengandung spesifikasi peranti keras yang memungkinkan alat-alat tersebut terhubung. MIDI menangkap event notasi dan perubahan atribut dan aksen nada, mengkodekannya menjadi pesan digital, dan mengirimkan kode tersebut sebagai pesan ke peranti lain untuk mengatur suara yang dihasilkan beserta parameternya.

  11. MIDI - Wikipedia

    MIDI(ミディ、Musical Instrument Digital Interface)は、電子楽器の演奏データを機器間で転送・共有するための共通規格である 。 日本のMIDI規格協議会(JMSC、現在の社団法人音楽電子事業協会)と国際団体のMIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) により策定され1981年に公開された。

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