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  1. Nov 27, 2023 · Mexico, country of southern North America and the third largest country in Latin America. It is one of the chief economic and political forces in Latin America, with a dynamic industrial base, vast mineral resources, a wide-ranging service sector, and the world’s largest population of Spanish speakers.

  2. List of states of Mexico. The states are the first-level administrative divisions of Mexico, which is officially named the United Mexican States. There are 32 federal entities in Mexico (31 states and the capital, Mexico City, as a separate entity that is not formally a state). [1] [2] [3] [4]

  3. México[ nota 1] ( [ˈmexiko] ⓘ ), cuyo nombre oficial es Estados Unidos Mexicanos, [ 13] es un país soberano ubicado en la parte meridional de América del Norte; su capital y ciudad más poblada es la Ciudad de México. [ 14] . De acuerdo con la constitución vigente, su forma de gobierno consiste en una república representativa ...

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    Mexico City (Spanish: Ciudad de México, locally [sjuˈða(ð) ðe ˈmexiko] ⓘ; abbr.: CDMX; Nahuatl: Āltepētl Mēxihco, Nahuatl pronunciation: [aːl'tepeːt͡ɬ meːˈʃiʔko]; Otomi: 'Monda) is the capital and largest city of Mexico, and the most populous city in North America. Mexico City is one of the most important cultural and financial centers in the world.

  5. It is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world and the third-most populous country in the Americas after the United States and Brazil. [5] Throughout most of the 20th century Mexico's population was characterized by rapid growth.

  6. Mexico City ( Spanish: Ciudad de México; abbreviated CDMX) is the capital and largest city of Mexico. It is the most populous city in the Western Hemisphere and the second most populous city in the world (after Tokyo ). It is also one of the polluted cities in the world.

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    Mexico is a federation compreesin 31 states an Mexico Ceety, a special federal entity that is also the caipital ceety an its maist populous ceety. Ither metropolises in the state include Guadalajara , Monterrey , Puebla , Toluca , an Tijuana .

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