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    Michigan's personal income tax is a flat rate of 4.25%. In addition, 22 cities impose income taxes; rates are set at 1% for residents and 0.5% for non-residents in all but four cities. Michigan's state sales tax is 6%, though items such as food and medication are exempted.

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    Michigan limita-se ao norte com o lago Superior, a leste com o lago Huron, ao sul com os estados norte-americanos de Indiana e Ohio, e a oeste com o lago Michigan.A província canadense de Ontário está localizada ao norte, a leste e no extremo sudeste de Michigan, os estados norte-americanos de Wisconsin e Illinois estão localizados a oeste, e Minnesota está localizado no noroeste.

    • The Great Lakes State, The Mitten State, Winter Water Wonderland, The Wolverine State
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    A Sense of Place: Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: Essays in Honor of William and Margery Vandament. Northern Michigan University Press. ISBN 0-918616-20-4. 270 pages. Magnaghi, Russell M. Upper Peninsula of Michigan: A History. Marquette, Mich.: 906 Heritage. ISBN 978-1-387-01681-5. OCLC 993581790.

    • 16,377 sq mi (42,420 km²)
    • 311,361
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    • Michigan
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    Lake Michigan is one of the five Great Lakes of North America. It is the second-largest of the Great Lakes by volume and the third-largest by surface area, after Lake Superior and Lake Huron. To the east, its basin is conjoined with that of Lake Huron through the narrow Straits of Mackinac, giving it the same surface elevation as its easterly counterpart; the two are technically a single lake. Lake Michigan is the only one of the Great Lakes located entirely within the territory of the United St

    Some of the earliest human inhabitants of the Lake Michigan region were the Hopewell Indians. Their culture declined after 800 AD, and for the next few hundred years, the region was the home of peoples known as the Late Woodland Indians. In the early 17th century, when western European explorers made their first forays into the region, they encountered descendants of the Late Woodland Indians: the Chippewa; Menominee; Sauk; Fox; Winnebago; Miami; Ottawa; and Potawatomi. The French explorer Jean

    It is the sole Great Lake wholly within the borders of the United States; the others are shared with Canada. It lies in the region known as the American Midwest.

    The Milwaukee Reef, running under Lake Michigan from a point between Milwaukee and Racine to a point between Grand Haven and Muskegon, divides the lake into northern and southern basins. Each basin has a clockwise flow of water, deriving from rivers, winds, and the Coriolis effect. Prevailing westerly winds tend to move the surface water toward the east, producing a moderating effect on the climate of western Michigan. There is a mean difference in summer temperatures of 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenhe

    Lake Michigan is home to a small variety of fish species and other organisms. It was originally home to lake whitefish, lake trout, yellow perch, panfish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and bowfin, as well as some species of catfish. As a result of improvements to the Welland Canal in 1918, an invasion of sea lampreys and overharvesting, there has been a decline in native lake trout populations, ultimately causing an increase in the population of another invasive species, the alewife. As a res

    Like all of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan is today used as a major mode of transport for bulk goods. In 2002, 162 million net tons of dry bulk cargo were moved via the Lakes. This was, in order of volume: iron ore, grain and potash. The iron ore and much of the stone and coal are used in the steel industry. There is also some shipping of liquid and containerized cargo, but most container vessels cannot pass the locks on the Saint Lawrence Seaway because the ships are too wide. The total amount

    • 279 ft (85 m)
    • 923 ft (281 m)
    • United States
    • 1,180 cu mi (4,900 km³)
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  6. Michigan is noted as the place where many automobiles were made, and it still shows today. Michigan is 50% forest, which makes it very useful to the lumber industry. It also borders four of the Great Lakes, which are some of the largest reservoirs of fresh water in the world. Lake Superior is the largest body of freshwater in the world.

    • January 26, 1837 (26th)
    • Lansing
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    Grand Rapids is the second-largest city in Michigan and the largest city in West Michigan.It is on the Grand River about 30 miles (48 km) east of Lake Michigan.As of the 2010 census, the city population was 188,040.

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    On April 7, 2010, the USCG designated Traverse City a Coast Guard City. Traverse City is the second city in Michigan and tenth in the country to receive this honor. Located in the harbor of the Great Lakes Maritime Academy is the T/S State of Michigan, a 224-foot (68 m) former Navy submarine surveillance vessel. The vessel is used as a ...

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    Grand Haven is a city in the U.S. state of Michigan and the county seat of Ottawa County. Grand Haven is located on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan at the mouth of the Grand River, for which it is named. As of the 2010 census, Grand Haven had a population of 10,412.

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    Saginaw is referred to in the Brian D'Arcy James song: "Michigan Christmas". Brian grew up in Saginaw, Michigan. Bill Anderson and Don Wayne wrote a song entitled "Saginaw, Michigan" which has been covered by a dozen artists. Cowboy singer Lefty Frizzell was the first to perform it, with his version reaching number one on the country charts.

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    • 1819
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    • Saginaw
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    Battle Creek is a city in the U.S. state of Michigan, in northwest Calhoun County, at the confluence of the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek rivers. It is the principal city of the Battle Creek, Michigan Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), which encompasses all of Calhoun County.