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  1. The Park Keeper - Moomin Wiki

    The Park Keeper (Swedish: Parkvakten) is a Hemulen in charge of a park where the vegetation is trimmed and cut into proper lines and shapes. The park goes by very strict rules, mostly forbidding things, which are written out in big letters on several signs placed around the park. Every day, 24 abandoned children come to the park to play in a sandbox. Of all the people in the world, the Park ...

  2. "Moominvalley" Snufkin and the Park Keeper (TV Episode 2019 ...

    "Moominvalley" Snufkin and the Park Keeper (TV Episode 2019) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

  3. Moominvalley | Season 1 Episode 6 |

    Snufkin and the Park Keeper: Incensed by the Park Keeper, Snufkin plots a cunning revenge. But when his friends get the blame for his actions, Snufkin must come to their rescue. (S1, ep 6)

  4. Woodies - Moomin

    The woodies are twenty-four small lost or forgotten children. Against their will, they are living in a park guarded by a park-keeper. The woodies are released by Snufkin, who is seeking revenge on the park keeper, and consequently they start to regard him as their rescuer. Admiringly, they follow Snufkin everywhere, and he has no …

  5. Snufkin's tent - Moomin

    Snufkin’s tent. It is in Comet in Moominland that Moomintroll and Sniff first encounter Snufkin and his tent by the riverbank. When they first meet, Moomintroll wonders why Snufkin would like to live in a place like this, to which Snufkin replies: ‘I wander about and when I find a place that I like I put up my tent and play my mouth-organ.’.

  6. prep-passing punk 🍄 | passionpeachy: moominvalley is good ...

    passionpeachy:. moominvalley is good. snufkin broke them out of an orphanage and electrocuted the park keeper taking care of them because he would forbid the kids (or “woodies”) from leaving their sandbox and put really strict rules on them like no whistling or walking on grass (which snufkin hates because he’s an anarchist and thinks the forest is for everyone to enjoy). unfortunately ...

  7. YARN | Moominvalley (TV Series) video clips

    Moominvalley. Moominvalley (2019 - ) A 2019 adaptation of Tove Jansson's loved body of work around the Moomin family. ... Snufkin and the Park Keeper #8: Monster Fish ...

  8. Moominvalley (TV series) - Wikipedia

    Moominvalley (Finnish: Muumilaakso, Swedish: Mumindalen, also known as just Moomin) is a 2019 Finnish-British animated family drama musical series. An adaptation of the classic Moomin books and comics by writer-illustrator Tove Jansson and her brother Lars Jansson , it is created using new techniques in 3D CGI.