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    What kind of music do they listen to in Pakistan?

    What is Pakistani pop music?

    What is the list of musicians from Pakistan?

    Who influenced Pakistani pop music?

  2. Music of Pakistan - Wikipedia

    Qawwali (Urdu: قوٌالی ‎) is the devotional music of the Chishti Sufis.Qawwali is a vibrant musical tradition that goes back more than 700 years in South Asia. Although most Qawwali singers are found in Pakistan and they performed mainly at Sufi shrines throughout South Asia, it has also gained mainstream popul

  3. Pakistani pop music - Wikipedia

    Pakistani pop music refers to popular music forms in Pakistan. Pakistani pop is a mixture of traditional Pakistani classical music and western influences of jazz, rock and roll, hip hop and disco sung in various languages of Pakistan, including Urdu. The popularity of music is based on the individual sales of a single, viewership of its music video or the singer's album chart positions.

  4. List of Pakistani music bands - Wikipedia

    In 2002, a major shift in the rock music of Pakistan occurred with the arrival of the Pepsi ...

    Origin year
    Origin city
    Alternative rock, Pop rock, Power pop
    Grunge, Sufi rock
    Alternative, progressive, folk, pop, rock
  5. Template:Music of Pakistan - Wikipedia

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  6. Talk:Music of Pakistan - Wikipedia

    Music of Pakistan is within the scope of the WikiProject Regional and national music, an attempt at building a resource on the music of all the peoples and places of the world. Please visit the project's listing to see the article's assessment and to help us improve the article as we push to 1.0 .

  7. Sindhi music - Wikipedia

    The famous songs included are, Ho Jamalo, Sindh Muhinje Amma, Parchan Shaal Panvar Dhola, Peirein Pawandee Saan . waheed Ali's Song, Asan Haal Dil Jo awha Sa Pachariyo awha g aa Marzi Jeeariyo Ya maryo, Barkat Ali's song, Shaam Jo he Pahr Naaw Asan g kayo Kujh ta Ainda kayo Ke ta galhiyun kayo.

  8. List of Pakistani musicians - Wikipedia

    This is an alphabetical list of musicians from Pakistan.The list includes musical bands, some groups and solo artists that were and are in the industry today. The list also includes film singers, folk singers, pop/rock singers, jazz musicians, rap artists, dj, qawwal and ghazal traditional artists.

  9. Music of Punjab - Wikipedia

    Music of Punjab reflects the traditions of the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent, currently divided into two parts: East Punjab and West Punjab. The Punjab has diverse styles of music, ranging from folk and Sufi to classical, notably the Patiala gharana. Music of India A lady playing the Tanpura, c. 1735 Genres Traditional Classical Carnatic Odissi Hindustani Folk Borgeet Baul Bhajan Shyama Sangeet Ramprasadi Rabindra Sangeet Nazrul Geeti Dwijendrageeti Atulprasadi Prabhat Samgiita Thumri

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