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    North Dakota is near the middle of North America with a stone marker in Rugby, North Dakota marking the "Geographic Center of the North American Continent". With an area of 70,762 square miles (183,273 km 2 ), [9] 69,001 square miles (178,712 km 2 ) of which is land, [10] North Dakota is the 19th largest state.

  2. North Dakota is south of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, east of Montana, north of South Dakota, and west of Minnesota. Manitoba and Saskatchewan are provinces - part of Canada. Montana, South Dakota, and Minnesota are other states in the United States. Weather. North Dakota is not close to any big bodies of water (oceans or seas).

    • November 2, 1889 (39th or 40th)
    • Bismarck
  3. North Dakota - Wikipedia

    North Dakota is the 19t maist extensive but the 4t least populous an the 4t least densely populatit o the 50 Unitit States. North Dakota haes weathered the Great Recession o the early 21st hunderyear wi a boom in naitural resoorces , pairteecularly a boom in ile extraction frae the Bakken formation , which lees beneath the northwastren pairt o ...

    • 2 November 1889 (39t)
    • Unitit States
    • Dakota Territory
    • Fargo
  4. Bismarck, North Dakota - Wikipedia,_North_Dakota

    The North Dakota State Capitol complex is just north of downtown Bismarck. The 19-story Art Deco capitol is the tallest building in the state, at a height of 241.75 feet (73.69 m). The capitol building towers over the city's center and is easily seen from 20 miles (32 km) away on a clear day.

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  6. List of counties in North Dakota - Simple English Wikipedia ...

    Dakota territorial legislator and North Dakota state legislator Judson LaMoure: 4,139 1,147 sq mi (2,971 km 2) Logan County: 047: Napoleon: 1873: Illinois U.S. Senator John A. Logan (1826 - 1886) 1,990 993 sq mi (2,572 km 2)

    FIPS code
    County seat
    Valley City
  7. Grand Forks, North Dakota - Wikipedia,_North_Dakota

    Grand Forks is the third-largest city in the American state of North Dakota (after Fargo and Bismarck) and the county seat of Grand Forks County.According to the 2010 census, the city's population was 52,838, while that of the city and its surrounding metropolitan area was 98,461.

  8. Mandan, North Dakota - Wikipedia,_North_Dakota

    Mandan is a city on the eastern border of Morton County and the seventh-largest city in North Dakota.Founded in 1879 on the west side of the upper Missouri River, it was designated in 1881 as the county seat of Morton County.

    • 1,647 ft (502 m)
    • Morton
  9. Upham, North Dakota - Wikipedia,_North_Dakota

    The Mayor of Upham, North Dakota is Steve Plorin. [citation needed] 2010 census. As of the census of 2010, there were 130 people, 67 households, and 36 families residing in the city. The population density was 393.9 inhabitants per square mile (152.1/km 2). There were 112 housing units at an average density of 339.4 per square mile (131.0/km 2).

  10. North Dakota oil boom - Wikipedia

    The North Dakota state government receives through severance taxes 11.5 percent of the gross value of all oil produced. The boom has given the state of North Dakota a billion-dollar budget surplus. In addition to severance taxes, the state of North Dakota owns extensive mineral rights, which are leased by competitive bidding.

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