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    Oakland is a charter city. Oakland's territory covers what was once a mosaic of California coastal terrace prairie, oak woodland, and north coastal scrub. Its land served as a rich resource when its hillside oak and redwood timber were logged to build San Francisco. Oakland's fertile flatland soils helped it become a prolific agricultural region.

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    • Alameda
    • The large oak forest that originally covered the area
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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The history of Oakland, a city in the county of Alameda, California, can be traced back to the founding of a settlement by Horace Carpentier, Edson Adams, and Andrew Moon in the 19th century.

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    Oakland is a city in California. It is across the bay from San Francisco. It is the county seat of Alameda County and the third-largest city in the Bay Area, after San Jose and San Francisco. At one time, Oakland had many factories that built cars, ships and airplanes.

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    • Operation Ceasefire
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    • Internal issues with the Oakland Police Department

    Crime in Oakland, California, began to rise during the late 1960s, and by the end of the 1970s Oakland's per capita murder rate had risen to twice that of San Francisco or New York City. In 1983, the National Journal referred to Oakland as the "1983 crime capital" of the San Francisco Bay Area. Crime continued to escalate during the 1980s and 1990s, and during the first decade of the 21st century Oakland has consistently been listed as one of the most dangerous large cities in the United States.

    Crime continues to be a serious problem in Oakland, and the city also continues to have a reputation among its own citizens, its understaffed police force, and residents of other Bay Area cities as a dangerously violent place, with one of the top 20 highest rates of violent crime in the U.S. According to Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts, during 2011 Oakland has averaged three street shootings per day, some of which cause injury or death to innocent bystanders. Batts also said “You don ...

    Oakland ranks highly in California for most categories of crime. Violent crimes including assault, rape and murder, occur from two to five times the U.S. average. The 120 murders recorded in 2007 made Oakland's murder rate the third highest in California, behind Stockton and Compton. Historically, most murders have occurred in West Oakland and the flatlands of East Oakland between I-580 and I-880. Montclair, Rockridge and some areas in North Oakland have fewer problems with violent crime. Proper

    In 2013, Oakland implemented a gang violence reduction plan used previously in other cities, Operation Ceasefire, based on the research and strategies of author David M. Kennedy.

    The Domain Awareness Center is a joint project between the Port of Oakland and the city. Planning started in 2009 as part of a nationwide initiative to secure ports by connecting motion sensors and cameras in and around the shipping facilities. In 2013, the Oakland DAC integrated 130 cameras from the Port of Oakland and four city cameras. By including gunshot detection and license plate readers the DAC would allow police to faster investigate suspects.

    Despite its high crime rate, Oakland has fewer police officers than many other major cities. "When Police Chief Anthony Batts took this job, we started out with 830 officers. We're down to about 666 officers. If this city is going to be a safe place for us to live and raise our family then we as a city have to determine what it's going to cost us to do that and how to get there," Oakland City Council President Larry Reid agreed with Batts that more police officers are needed but said that "resid

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    Prescott (also known as The Lower Bottoms or The Bottoms) is a residential neighborhood and commercial district in West Oakland in Oakland, California.The neighborhood boundaries are Mandela Parkway to the east, 7th Street to the south, West Grand Avenue to the north, and Frontage Road to the west.

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    Coordinates: 37°49′56″N 122°12′33″W Montclair (also known as the Montclair District or Montclair Village) is a neighborhood in Oakland, California, United States. Montclair is located along the western slope of the Oakland Hills from a valley formed by the Hayward Fault to the upper ridge of the hills.

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    Oakland History on the Web from Oakland Public Library; Oakland Collection Online of the Oakland Museum of California. Over 7.000 Oakland objects including historical photographs, paintings, documents, objects, all about Oakland. Explore Oakland's neighborhoods, walk the shoreline, stand atop city hall and look all around.

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    Alvin Tenpo's smugmug photos of the Paramount Theater, Oakland, California; Flickr photos of the Paramount Theatre, Oakland, California; Main events Symphony and ballet. Oakland East Bay Symphony (OEBS) was founded in July 1988, when musicians from the former Oakland Symphony Orchestra and the Oakland Symphony League joined to form a new orchestra.

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    Oakland városát 1852-ben alapították. Ma Kalifornia állam 8. legnagyobb városa, és Alameda megye székhelye. Oakland Észak-Kaliforniában, a San franciscoi-öböl területén helyezkedik el, Amerika 6. legnépesebb megalopoliszának részeként. 2006-ban Oakland 397 067 fővel a 44. legnagyobb város volt az Egyesült Államokban.

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    California State Route 61 runs down city streets from the Posey and Webster Street Tubes, across the Bay Farm Island Bridge, and south to the Oakland Airport. The island is just minutes off Interstate 880 in Oakland. The speed limit for the city is 25 mph (40 km/h) on almost every road. Public transportation options include:

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