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    The P-Funk story began in 1956 in Plainfield, New Jersey, with a doo-wop group formed by fifteen-year-old George Clinton. This was The Parliaments , a name inspired by Parliament cigarettes . By the early 1960s, the group had solidified into the five-man lineup of Clinton, Ray "Stingray" Davis , Clarence "Fuzzy" Haskins , Calvin Simon and Grady ...

    • History

      The P-Funk story began in 1956 in Plainfield, New Jersey,...

    • Legacy

      In May 1997, George Clinton and 15 other members of...

    • Afrofuturism

      About the album Mothership Connection, Clinton said "We had...

    • Key members

      George Clinton. George Clinton has been, since its...

  2. Funk - Wikipedia

    "P-funk" also came to mean something in its quintessence, of superior quality, or sui generis. Following the work of Jimi Hendrix in the late 1960s, artists such as Sly and the Family Stone combined the psychedelic rock of Hendrix with funk, borrowing wah pedals , fuzz boxes , echo chambers , and vocal distorters from the former, as well as ...

  3. P-Funk mythology - Wikipedia

    The P-Funk mythology is a group of recurring characters, themes, and ideas primarily contained in the output of George Clinton's bands Parliament and Funkadelic.This "funkology" was outlined in album liner notes and song lyrics, in addition to album artwork, costumes, advertisements, and stage banter.

  4. P Is the Funk - Wikipedia

    P Is the Funk is the second installment of the George Clinton Family Series collection. The album was released in 1992 by P-Vine Records in Japan, and then was released later in the same year by AEM Records in the United States and Sequel Records in the United Kingdom.

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    • 1992
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    • Funk
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  6. List of P-Funk projects - Wikipedia

    This is a chronological list of projects with significant contributions from P-Funk members. It also features notable pre-P-Funk and post-P-Funk projects from these members. The name of the P-Funk band or member is listed in bold.

  7. p-funk wiki |

    P-Funk (also spelled P Funk or P. Funk) is a shorthand term for the repertoire and performers associated with George Clinton and the Parliament-Funkadelic collective and the distinctive style of funk music they performed. The P-Funk groups had their heyday in the 1970s and continue to attract new fans thanks both to the legacy of samples they ...

  8. P-funk – Wikipedia

    P-funk är en samlingsterm som syftar till den musik och de musiker som associeras med George Clinton och Parliament-Funkadelic-kollektivet och den distinkta variant av funk de spelade. P-funken hade sina glansdagar under 1970-talet men fortsätter att attrahera ny publik då musiken ofta samplas av hip-hop -producenter och flera av p ...

  9. Funkadelic - Wikipedia

    Some of the deleted tracks would appear on future P-Funk releases, most notably the 1982 hit single "Atomic Dog" which appeared on the first George Clinton solo album. Meanwhile, the album Connections & Disconnections (re-issued on CD as Who's a Funkadelic ) was released under the name Funkadelic in 1981.

  10. P. Funk - Wikipedia, kamusi elezo huru

    P Funk ambaye ni nusu Mtanzania na nusu Mdachi, kama miaka ishirini iliyopita alikuwa na hisia za kupendelea muziki na pindi hadi kuamua kufanya kweli kuvutiwa kwake kupenda muziki ndio chanzo kikubwa kilichopelekea kufanikiwa katika muziki. Kwenye miaka 1991-92 wakati yupo bado shule IST (International School Of Tanganyika. Alikuwa mtundu ...

  11. Pファンク - Wikipediaファンク

    Pファンク (英語: P-Funk) は、ジョージ・クリントンが、1970年代に率いた2組のバンド、パーラメントとファンカデリック、及びその構成メンバーによるファンクミュージックを指す音楽ジャンルであり、またこの音楽集団のことである。