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    Pushing Daisies is an American fantasy mystery comedy-drama television series created by Bryan Fuller that aired on ABC from October 3, 2007, to June 13, 2009. The series stars Lee Pace as Ned, a pie-maker with the ability to bring dead things back to life with his touch, an ability that comes with stipulations.

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      Pushing Daisies was renewed for a second season in February...

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      Pushing Daisies centers on the life of Ned, a pie-maker...

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      The series was greenlit and given a 13-episode order by ABC...

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      The show's official website included a comic book that was...

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      Critics responded well to the series, comparing the style...

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    This is a list of fictional characters from the ABC television series Pushing Daisies.

    Ned is a 29-year-old pie maker with a unique magical ability to be able to bring back to life anyone or anything that is dead. He owns his own pie restaurant, called The Pie Hole, and also uses his gift to aid Emerson Cod, a private investigator, by bringing dead people back to l

    Charlotte Charles, usually called Chuck, is Ned's childhood neighbor and boyhood crush. Raised by her two agoraphobic aunts, Chuck is murdered on a cruise ship under mysterious circumstances. Ned brings her back to life, but his feelings for her prevent him from rescinding the us

    Emerson Cod is the private detective who enlists the help of the pie-maker in solving murder cases. He is also an avid knitter and knits in stressful circumstances. In the final episode of the first season, it is revealed that Emerson has a daughter whom he has not seen in 7 year

    The Coroner works at the City Morgue where Ned, Emerson, and Chuck inspect dead bodies. He is often suspicious of all three of them and voices it by simply saying, "Mmmmmm-hmmmm." He has started hitting up Emerson for bribe money to keep quiet about his inspections. Emerson reluc

    Alfredo Aldarisio is a homeopathic salesman who has a fear that Earth's atmosphere could be sucked away from space and treats himself with his own herbal wares. He secretly admires Olive Snook and gave Chuck a sample pack of antidepressants. Olive also secretly admires him, even

    Oscar Vibenius is an olfactory expert who works for the Department of Water and Power. He was almost framed by his former partner, Napoleon LeNez, for attempting to kill him, when in fact LeNez was staging his own attempts to try to publicize his latest book. He becomes intrigued

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    Pushin' Up Daisies is a 2010 American comedy film written and directed by Patrick Franklin. It stars Sheehan O'Heron and Orlando Vicente as documentary filmmakers Darren and Anthony, who film Darren's brother, Rusty. In the midst of their documentary, a zombie attack breaks out. It premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival on April 16, 2010.

    Documentary filmmaker Darren convinces his friend Anthony to travel with him back to his hometown in Georgia and make a film about Darren's brother, Rusty, a flower deliveryman. With the help of the blind voice actor Mr. Emerson, they follow the reluctant subject throughout his delivery schedule despite his objections. While filming, a zombie outbreak occurs, and Rusty insists that they continue the documentary. Annoyed with the disruption from zombies, Rusty attempts to shoot around them and ma

    The film was shot in Crawfordville and Washington, Georgia. It was shot on a consumer video camera and presented as found footage. Franklin conceived of the idea for the film while driving through a quiet town on the way to shoot a documentary. He began to brainstorm ideas with a friend, eventually deciding on a story that involves a documentary filmmaker who refuses to acknowledge a supernatural disaster. Shooting began in 2007 and ended in 2009.

    Pushin' Up Daisies premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival on April 16, 2010. It was later shown at Athfest on July 25, 2010. Franklin turned to Kickstarter to raise funds for distribution.

    Mark Bell of Film Threat rated it 4/5 stars and called it "a fun, entertaining film on a number of levels". Andrew Shearer of the Athens Banner-Herald wrote that the film avoids the common pitfalls of both mockumentaries and zombie films.

    • Patrick Franklin
    • Patrick Franklin
    • Patrick Franklin
    • Patrick Franklin, Robert J. Wagstaff
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    Ned, also referred to as "The Piemaker" is the protagonist of the ABC television series, Pushing Daisies, and is portrayed by Lee Pace. Ned works as a pie maker at his restaurant The Pie Hole. He also has the ability to resurrect the dead with a single touch. When private investigator Emerson Cod accidentally discovers Ned's ability, the two enter in a partnership: in exchange for Ned using his ability to revive those who have died under suspicious circumstances, Emerson will split any reward mo

    Ned brings the dead back to life with a single touch, but there are two conditions. First, if he touches a dead person, plant or animal for a second time, it will die forever. Secondly, if the revived remains alive for more than sixty seconds, something or someone else in close proximity will die in its place. Generally, whatever dies is a rough equivalent to what has been revived: a human for a human, an animal for an animal, or a plant for a plant. Revival may suspend the aging process. Ned's

    Ned discovered his gift by reviving his dog, Digby, who was run over by a truck. Later that day, Ned also revived his mother after she suddenly died of a brain aneurysm, but soon discovered that his gift had consequences when Chuck's father died next door in exchange. Ned discovered the other effect of his gift later that night, when his mother kissed him goodnight and died a second time. During their respective parents' funerals, Ned and Chuck kissed—the first time for both of them ...

    Due to Ned's power, he rarely touches people and dislikes physical contact. He also seems to fear any sort of change, at one point saying that he prefers to be "tightly wound" instead of a "shapeless mass with room for surprises" though Chuck points out that she was a surprise and he made room for her.

    According to costume designer Robert Blackman, who won a Costume Designers Guild Award and an Emmy for his work on the show, in order to keep Ned at the center of the viewer's attention in a show that features a "dizzying backdrop of hyper-saturated colors and storybook locations", Blackman limited Ned's wardrobe to "solid blacks, grays and whites."

    Lee Pace, the actor who portrays Ned, has received largely positive reviews from critics, who have described him as "an immensely likable lead, full of childlike vulnerability and almost palpable longing" and "endearing but not too cute", though he was also described as "overly slow-witted". Pace has been praised for his acting with Anna Friel, who portrays Chuck; critics have said that " are so darn adorable together" and that "the chemistry between is undeniable".

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    Pushing Daisies Wiki is a database about the ABC television show starring Lee Pace as Ned, who can bring dead people back to life with just a touch. Games Movies TV Video Wikis

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    "Pigeon" is the fourth episode of the first season of the American television comedy-drama Pushing Daisies. The episode—which features a duet version of the They Might Be Giants song "Birdhouse in Your Soul"—earned Jim Dooley a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series. It attracted about 9.7 million viewers for its broadcast premiere in the United States.

    A plane crash into an apartment building leaves Emerson, Ned and Chuck investigating whether the pilot committed suicide. Chuck finds herself drawn to the man who appears to be the sole survivor. Olive takes a wounded pigeon to Chuck's aunts for help.

    This episode aired the day after the ABC television network announced an order for a full 22-episode first season of the series. The full order was not a surprise, since the show had easily won its Wednesday lead-off time slot among adults 18-49 during each of the three previous airings, though that success was against the backdrop of an overall bad start for the new fall TV broadcasting season. The episode competed against the first game of the 2007 World Series, losing to that sporting event b

    The week the episode aired in the United States was also one in which screenwriters authorized their union leaders to call what in two weeks became the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike. Entertainment Weekly later credited the strike for giving Pushing Daisies, a series with only moderate ratings success during its first season, a chance to relaunch. Nine months later, actress Kristin Chenoweth, who played Olive, cited the strike as one reason for the cancellation though she ...

    • October 23, 2007 (Canada), October 24, 2007 (USA)
    • Adam Kane
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    Pushing Daisies (Brasil: Um Toque de Vida /Portugal: Mal-Me-Quer, Bem-Me-Quer) é uma premiada série de televisão americana criada por Bryan Fuller, que foi ao ar no ABC em 3 de outubro de 2007 a 13 de junho de 2009.

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    Pushing Daisies är en amerikansk TV-serie från 2007, skapad av Bryan Fuller och producerad av Warner Bros. och Jinks/Cohen Company. Premiären av serien skedde på ABC den 3 oktober, 2007. I Sverige har Canal+, senare känt som C More, fått sändningsrätten till serien, som visat alla avsnitt av den första säsongen.

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    The Pie Maker

    It his love of pies that would prompt Ned to, as an adult, open the Pie Hole, a restaurant specializing in pies. He lives in an apartment above the restaurant, next-door to his employee, Olive Snook. Ned and Olive both bake the pies but Olive is unaware of Ned's magical touch, and thus does not realize the fruit in their pies are so ripe with flavor because Ned touches dead fruits and brings them back to life.Unfortunately, this means that Ned can never eat his own delicious pies; when he doe...

    Ned is a kind-hearted and mild-mannered man who maintains a calm and mellow demeanor even when confronted with extraordinary situations, in large part from frequent encounters with death and resurrection. Due to his part in the death of his mother and Chuck's father as a child, Ned generally tries to avoid social attachments, as demonstrated by the discomfort he expresses from Olive Snook's sexual advances. Ned also has what the Narrator describes as "an obsession" with pies, which he inherited from his mother. He made his first pie in the Longborough kitchen, on his ninth birthday, and later slept with the pie. Making pies makes Ned feel closer to his dead mother, and he became the pie maker because of this. As a result of all the death he has encountered, Ned has a high threshold for gore and experiences none of the awkwardness most experience around death. Ned is respectful for the dead and those he brings back to life, as demonstrated by his insistence to Emerson Cod that they b...

    Ned has also touched various insects, frogs, as well as dead fruit so that his pies have everlasting flavor. The second touch rule applies to these too, however, so he is extremely careful to avoid further contact.

    Other things that have died due to Ned keeping things alive for more than a minute include pigeons in exchange for frogs, a spider in exchange for a firefly, fireflies for other fireflies, and flowers in exchange for the dead fruit he uses for his pies.

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