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    Richard Adams was born on 9 May 1920 in Wash Common, near Newbury, Berkshire, England, the son of Lillian Rosa (Button) and Evelyn George Beadon Adams, a doctor. He attended Horris Hill School from 1926 to 1933, and then Bradfield College from 1933 to 1938. In 1938, he went to Worcester College, Oxford, to read Modern History.

    • Early life

      Richard Adams was born on 9 May 1920 in Wash Common, near...

    • Career

      Adams originally began telling the story that would become...

    • Public figure

      In 1982, Adams served one year as president of the RSPCA....

    • Personal life

      In 1949, Adams married Elizabeth, daughter of R.A.F....

    • Shardik

      Shardik is a 1974 fantasy novel by Richard Adams. Shardik is...

    • Traveller

      Traveller is a historical novel written by Richard Adams in...

    • The Plague Dogs

      The Plague Dogs is the third novel by Richard Adams, author...

    • Watership Down

      Watership Down is a survival and adventure novel by English...

  2. Richard Adams From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Richard George Adams (9 May 1920 – 24 December 2016) was an English author. His most famous book, Watership Down, began as a story to tell his daughters.

    • English
    • Richard George Adams, 9 May 1920, Newbury, Berkshire, England
  3. Richard Adams (activist) - Wikipedia

    Richard Frank Adams (March 9, 1947 – December 17, 2012) was a Filipino-American gay rights activist. After his 1975 same-sex marriage was declared invalid for the purposes of granting his husband permanent residency, Adams filed the federal lawsuit Adams v.

    • Richard Frank Adams, March 9, 1947
    • December 17, 2012
  4. Richard Adams (inventor) - Wikipedia
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    • TV camera
    • Music
    • Computer
    • Codec testing
    • Happy Computers

    Richard Adams is an independent inventor and engineer. Since building and demonstrating a video camera as a child, his work has often garnered media interest.

    His first project was the construction of a video camera that he started building when he was ten years old and got working at age 12 in 1967. He worked entirely at home without the aid of his school. It originally gained coverage in the Miami Herald when he had enlisted the newspaper's help to find a TV station that would help him tune the camera. Although he did not invent, the fact that a child could build one cheaply drove home a point that made others desirous of this technology. It continu

    In 1974, whilst attending Florida Institute of Technology, Adams created an interface and software to connect an electronic organ to a computer so he could record and play back entire musical scores with full polyphony.

    Adams built an early 16 bit computer in his home which his brother, Scott Adams, used to program his first computer game before going on to found Adventure International, which became notable for its text adventure games.

    Whilst employed in Silicon Valley between 1976 and 1982, Adams gave demonstrations on the testing of codecs and authored a paper on the subject.

    In 1982, Adams founded Happy Computers to market and sell add-in boards that he had invented for Atari computer disk drives. These boards greatly increased the speed at which disks could be read and written to and remained popular for many years.

    • Cathi Adams
  5. Richard Adams (U.S. politician) - Wikipedia

    Richard Adams (U.S. politician) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Richard Adams (born January 1, 1939 in Troy, Ohio) is a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives, serving the 80th District from 2009 to 2014.

  6. Richard Adams (businessman) - Wikipedia
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    • Honours

    Richard John Adams OBE is a British businessman and social entrepreneur. He is the founder of the UK fair trade organisations Tearcraft and Traidcraft and of a number of social enterprises which promote environmentally responsible and ethical business.

    Adams attended King Edward VI Five Ways school in Birmingham. He has degrees in sociology, theology and business administration. He received an honorary Doctorate of Civil Law in 2005 from Newcastle University and one from Durham University in 2007. He also holds a National Licensee's Certificate for on-licensed premises.

    After visiting small farmers in Gujarat, India, in 1973 Adams established Agrofax Labour Intensive Products, an agricultural imports company in London with distribution to the main wholesale markets. In 1974 this business began importing crafts from farming communities in Bangladesh, following which he founded Tearcraft which became the marketing arm of the UK relief and development charity, Tearfund. In 1979 Richard established the independent company Traidcraft, which became a plc in 1984, off

    He is an honorary fellow of Glasgow University's Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research and a visiting fellow of St John's College, Durham. In the 2001 New Year Honours, he was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire "for services to the promotion of ethical trading". He won the New Statesman Social Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2005 and in 2006 was listed by The Independent newspaper as one of the top 50 people in the UK who had had most impact in "making th

  7. Richard Adams - Wikipedia

    Richard Adams is a Inglis screiver (born 9t Mey 1920 in Newbury, England; deid 24t December 2016 in Oxford) best kent fur screivin Unner the Burn (Watership Down) anent a group o rabbits.

  8. Richard Adams – Wikipedia

    Richard Adams Richard George Adams, född 9 maj 1920 i Newbury, Berkshire, död 24 december 2016 i Whitchurch, Hampshire, var en brittisk författare. Han var mest känd som upphovsman till tre romaner med djur som huvudpersoner, inklusive Watership Down (på svenska som Den långa flykten), Shardik och The Plague Dogs (Pesthundarna).

  9. Richard Adams - Wikipedia

    Richard George Adams (n. 9 mai 1920, Newbury, Berkshire, Regatul Unit – d. 24 decembrie 2016, Oxford, Regatul Unit) a fost un romancier englez cunoscut îndeosebi pentru trei romane animaliere ale sale: Watership Down, Shardik și The Plague Dogs.

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