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    Richard Allen Harvey (born 25 September 1953) is a BAFTA Award–winning English musician and composer. Originally of the mediaevalist progressive rock group Gryphon, he is best known now for his film and television soundtracks.

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      In 1984, he was a conductor on one of a series of classic...

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    Richard Harvey (born 1953) is a British musician and composer. Richard Harvey may also refer to: J. Richard Harvey, professor of accounting; Richard Harvey (astrologer) (1560–1630), English theologian and controversialist; Richard Harvey (American football) (born 1966), former American football linebacker

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    History Formation. Gryphon formed in early 1972 as a four-piece band by English musicians Graeme Taylor, Richard Harvey, Dave Oberlé, and Brian Gulland. Harvey and Gulland were graduates of the Royal College of Music in London who started an acoustic band, using their classically trained backgrounds to perform a mixture of English folk music, contemporary rock, medieval and Renaissance music.

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    Richard Allen Harvey is a BAFTA Award–winning English musician and composer.[1] Originally of the mediaevalist progressive rock group Gryphon, he is best known now for his film and television soundtracks. He is also known for his guitar concerto Concerto Antico, which was composed for the guitarist John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra.

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    They recruited keyboardist Bjarne Ohlin later in 1980 and drummer Richard Harvey in 1981, respectively, and for almost two years they performed in pubs and clubs in Sydney's Kings Cross. During this time, Paul negotiated publishing and recording agreements that led to the band signing with WEA.

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    Richard Harvey is one of Hollywood's specialists when it comes to unusual Instruments. He played on countless scores such as Harry Potter and the Prisoner of...

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  9. The renaissance recorder is compared to its modern relatives more focused on the lower notes. In this episode, Richards talks about the recording session for...

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    From the album, "Strings of Sorrow"Moving, mournful and emotive.I do not claim to own this. Copyright APM MUSIC, LLC.Art in the video is "With Beauty Comes L...

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