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    Riza Shahriz bin Abdul Aziz, better known as Riza Aziz, is a Malaysian film producer and the co-founder of Red Granite Pictures, a Los Angeles-based film production company.

    • Jho Low

      Early life. Jho Low was born to a wealthy Malaysian Chinese...

    • Career

      Riza holds a BS degree in Government & Economics and an MS...

    • Personal life

      Riza was born to Abdul Aziz Nong Chik and Rosmah Mansor in...

    • 1MDB scandal

      As of September 2015 the US Department of Justice was...

  2. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013 film) - Wikipedia

    On 2018, the producer and co-founder of Red Granite Productions, Riza Aziz who happenes to be the stepson of former Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak was arrested by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in Putrajaya.

    • $100 million
    • December 17, 2013 (Ziegfeld Theatre), December 25, 2013 (United States)
  3. Aziz - Wikipedia

    In ancient Levantine mythology, Azizos or Aziz is the Palmyrene Arab god of the morning star. The Arabian goddess Al-Uzza, also related to the planet Venus, is named from the same root ʕ-z-z and is one of the three daughter goddesses mentioned in the Quran.

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  5. Riza Aziz Net Worth, Height, Wiki, Age, Bio

    Riza Aziz was born to Abdul Aziz Nong Chik and Rosmah Mansor in Malaysia He is also the step son of Najib Razak, the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia In 2010, Riza Aziz co-founded Red Granite Pictures along with Joey McFarland Aziz serves both as a producer and the Chairman for the company

  6. Red Granite Pictures - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Red Granite Pictures is an American film production and distribution company, co-founded by Riza Aziz and Joey McFarland in 2010.

  7. Riza Aziz (nama lahir Riza Shahriz Bin Abdul Aziz) adalah seorang produser film asal Malaysia dan salah satu pendiri Red Granite Pictures, sebuah perusahaan produksi film yang bermarkas di Los Angeles.

  8. Riza Aziz ialah anak tiri Perdana Menteri Malaysia ke-6 Datuk Seri Najib Razak. Sehingga September 2015, Jabatan Kehakiman AS menyiasat transaksi hartanah yang dijalankan oleh Aziz, yang berkaitan dengan peranan ayahnya dalam skandal 1MDB di Malaysia. Pada 20 Julai 2016, Riza Aziz dinamakan dalam tuntutan 1MDB FBI.

  9. Riza Aziz Net Worth 2018: Wiki-Bio, Married, Dating, Family ...

    Riza Aziz (born Riza Shahriz Bin Abdul Aziz) is Film Producer, Co-Founder and Chairman of Red Granite Pictures, a Los Angeles-based film production company.

  10. Rosmah Mansor - Wikipedia

    Rosmah was formerly married to Abdul Aziz Nong Chik. They have two children, Riza Aziz and Azrene Soraya. In 1987, she married Najib Razak and they have two children, Nooryana Najwa and Mohd Norashman, and have amassed a huge amount of wealth, which Rosmah claimed to have saved since childhood.

  11. 5 strange things about Najib's step-family

    Yep, the PM’s wife was married to another guy named Abdul Aziz Nong Chik before she married Najib in 1987. From that marriage, she has two kids – Riza Aziz and Azrene Soraya Abdul Aziz (Najib’s stepkids). Riza has been ALL OVER the news lately over US investigations into 1MDB, but who is Azrene ?