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    A roadster (also spider, spyder) is an open two-seat car with emphasis on sporting appearance or character. [1] [2] Initially an American term for a two-seat car with no weather protection, usage has spread internationally and has evolved to include two-seat convertibles .

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  3. Tesla Roadster (second generation) - Wikipedia › wiki › Tesla_Roadster_(second

    The Tesla Roadster is an upcoming all-electric battery-powered four-seater sports car concept in development by Tesla, Inc. Tesla has claimed that it will be capable of 0 to 60 mph (0 to 97 km/h) in 1.9 seconds, which would be quicker than any street legal production car as of the announcement in 2017.

  4. Roadster - Wikipedia › wiki › Roadster

    Roadster (automobile), an open, two-seat, often sporty car Roadster utility, an automobile with an open-topped roadster body and a rear cargo bed Roadster (bicycle), a utilitarian bicycle, typically traditional in design Roadster (horse), a type of driving competition for horses

  5. Tesla Roadster (first generation) - Wikipedia › wiki › Tesla_Roadster_(first

    The Tesla Roadster is a battery electric vehicle (BEV) sports car, based on the Lotus Elise chassis, that was produced by the electric car firm Tesla Motors (now Tesla, Inc.) in California from 2008 to 2012.

  6. Roadster (bicycle) - Wikipedia › wiki › Roadster_(bicycle)
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    A roadster bicycle is a type of utility bicycle once common worldwide, and still common in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and some parts of Europe. During the past few decades, traditionally styled roadster bicycles have regained popularity in the Western world, particularly as a lifestyle or fashion statement in an urban environment.

    The classic gents' roadster, AKA the English roadster, has a lugged brazed steel diamond frame, rod-actuated brakes and of late, cable operated drum brake systems have been widely produced for the European market, upright North Road handlebars, a single gear ratio or 3 or 5 speed

    A variation on this type of bicycle is the sports roadster, which typically has a lighter frame, and a slightly steeper seat-tube and head-tube angle of about 70° to 72° degrees, fitted with cable brakes, comfortable "flat" North Road handlebars, mudguards and, as often as ...

    Club sports, or semi-racer, bicycles were the high-performance machines of their time and place, named so as they were the style of bicycle popular with members of the many active cycling clubs. A club bicycle would typically have Reynolds 531 frame tubing, a narrow, unsprung lea

    From the early 20th century until after World War II, the roadster constituted most adult bicycles sold in the United Kingdom and in many parts of the British Empire. For many years after the advent of the motorcycle and automobile, they remained a primary means of adult transport. Major manufacturers in England were Raleigh and BSA, though Carlton, Phillips, Triumph, Rudge-Whitworth, Hercules, and Elswick Hopper also made them. In the United States, the sports roadster was imported after World

    In much of the world, the roadster is still the standard bicycle used for daily transportation. Mass-produced in Asia, they are exported in huge numbers to developing nations as far afield as Africa and Latin America. India's Hero Cycles and Eastman Industries are still two of the world's leading roadster manufacturers, while China's Flying Pigeon was the single most popular vehicle in worldwide use. Due to their relative affordability, the strength and durability of steel frames and forks and t

    A British ad from 1897 showing a ladies' bicycle/roadster

  7. Smart Roadster - Wikipedia › wiki › Smart_Roadster
    • Overview
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    The Smart Roadster is a two-door, two-seater sports car first introduced in 2003 by Smart GmbH. Sales of the Roadster and Roadster Coupé met expectations, however, warranty claims resulted in a halt of production of both models in November 2005 after 43,091 Roadsters were made. The last one built now resides in the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

    At the 1998 Paris Motor Show, the two-seat, 2.5 m -long Smart City-Coupe was launched. This was the beginning of a new car brand and one of the more radical vehicle concepts to hit the European market since the bubble cars of the 1950s. It was also the beginning of a difficult period for Smart. The City Coupe had stability problems that were discovered only immediately prior to launch. These forced a package of alterations to be made that were both expensive and compromised the car's handling, r

    The Smart Roadster and Roadster Coupé were introduced in 2003, based on a stretched platform of the Fortwo with a full length of 3427 mm. The two variants are meant to be reminiscent of the British roadster of yore, such as the Triumph Spitfire or the MG B. Both the Roadster and Roadster Coupé are available with a removable Targa roof or an electrical softtop. The Roadster is powered by 45 or 60 kW versions of the turbocharged 698cc 3-cylinder Suprex engine in the rear, which is ...

    In 2003, German tuninghouse Brabus created a prototype version of the Roadster Coupé with two merged 3-cylinder engines to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Solituderennen. This V6 bi-turbo powerplant had a maximum power of 160 kW for a weight of only 840 kg, giving it the same power-to-weight ratio as a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. Smart claimed the car could accelerate to 100 km/h in under five seconds. Since the twin-turbo V6 engine occupies almost twice as much space as their 3 ...

    In March 2006 Smart unveiled the final variant of the Roadster at the Geneva Motor Show: a limited collector's edition. It was based on the top model Brabus Xclusive with 101 PS and came with a satin brown-metallic paint job. The interior had brown leather and higher quality materials were used extensively. It had the new Runline aluminium wheels and Brabus exhaust, front spoiler, and side fenders. Of 50 planned cars only 30 were made. A limited-edition Roadster Coupe Racing edition was released

    In 2006, David James initiated Project Kimber, an attempt to restart production of the Smart Roadster in the United Kingdom. Initially intended to be rebadged as an MG model, after an unsuccessful bid for the MG marque, the revised Roadster was later referred to as the AC Ace. However, as of 2013, the project appears to be dormant.

  8. Mazda MX-5 - Wikipedia › wiki › Mazda_Roadster
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    • Second generation (NB)
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    The Mazda MX-5 is a lightweight two-passenger roadster sports car manufactured and marketed by Mazda with a front mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout. The convertible is marketed as the Mazda Roadster or Eunos Roadster in Japan, and as the Mazda MX-5 Miata in North America, where it is widely known as the Miata. Manufactured at Mazda's Hiroshima plant, the MX-5 debuted in 1989 at the Chicago Auto Show and was conceived and executed under a tightly focused design credo, Jinba ittai, meaning "onen

    The MX-5's first generation, the NA, sold over 400,000 units from May 1989 to 1997—with a 1.6 L inline-four engine to 1993, a 1.8 L engine thereafter —recognizable by its pop-up headlights. The second generation was introduced in 1999 with a slight increase in engine power; it can be recognized by the fixed headlights and the glass rear window, although first generation owners may opt for the glass window design when replacing the original top. The third generation was introduced in ...

    In 1976, Bob Hall, a journalist at Motor Trend magazine who was an expert in Japanese cars and fluent in the language, met Kenichi Yamamoto and Gai Arai, head of Research and Development at Mazda. Yamamoto and Gai Arai asked Hall what kind of car Mazda should make in the future: I babbled how the simple, bugs-in-the-teeth, wind-in-the-hair, classically-British sports car doesn't exist any more. I told Mr. Yamamoto that somebody should build one inexpensive roadster. In 1981, Hall moved to a prod

    The first generation MX-5 was introduced in 1989 and was in production until 1997. Upon its release, the car won numerous accolades such as Automobile Magazine's 1990 Automobile of the Year and Car and Driver's 10Best list from 1990 to 1992.

    The second generation MX-5 was unveiled in 1997 and put on sale in 1998 for the 1999 model year. While it kept the same proportions of its predecessor, its most noticeable change was the deletion of the retractable headlamps, which no longer passed pedestrian safety tests and were replaced by fixed ones.

    Taking design cues from the 2003 Mazda Ibuki concept car, the third-generation Mazda MX-5 was introduced in 2005 and was in production until 2015. This generation introduced a Power Retractable Hard Top variant that features a folding mechanism that does not interfere with trunk space. During its release, the third generation MX-5 received several accolades such as the 2005-2006 Car of the Year Japan Award and Car and Driver's 10Best list from 2006 to 2013.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The main article for this category is Roadster (automobile). Wikimedia Commons has media related to Roadsters.

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    Today, the roadster and coupe are the most sought-after body styles, as these were popular for street rods and hotrods; unmodified examples have become rare. Since the 1970s, 1932 bodies and frames have been reproduced either in fiberglass or lately in steel, which has helped resolve sheetmetal shortages, and increased the number of rods being ...

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