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    • Should I get a male or female kitten?

      • Although feline personalities vary widely, male cats are often more friendly than female cats. Many male cats have a cuddly “lap cat” personality. Female cats are often more cautious and may take longer to trust you. However, once you’ve proven your worth, they too can be very affectionate.,your%20worth%2C%20they%20too%20can%20be%20very%20affectionate.
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    How can I tell if my kitten is a male or a female?

    Can you tell me if my kitten is male or female?

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  2. Should I Get a Male or Female Kitten? | LoveToKnow

    You should always have scratching posts available for both male and female cats, but you may want to consider having more around the house with a male. Sexual Behavior of Cats If your cats will not be spayed or neutered, their sexual behavior may be the biggest difference you should be aware of before choosing a male or female.

  3. Male vs Female Cats Pros and Cons • Purrfect Cat Breeds

    Male cats are said to be more even-tempered and predictable than female cats and even more laid-back and relaxed than their female counterparts. They are also a little larger than female cats. Tom cats (intact male) also have the reputation for being friendlier to humans than a female cat whether spayed or not.

  4. Should You Get a Male or Female Cat? - Susan C. Daffron

    Aug 25, 2006 · Many male cats have a cuddly “lap cat” personality. Female cats are often more cautious and may take longer to trust you. However, once you’ve proven your worth, they too can be very affectionate. Male cats are often significantly larger than female cats. But if you want a calico cat, you pretty much have to get a female. The main ...

  5. Male Or Female Cat - Which Pet Is Best? - The Happy Cat Site

    Jul 09, 2018 · So, Male or Female Cat – Which is Right for Me? Should I get a male or female cat? Are male or female cats better? Who is more affectionate, and which has the least amount of health issues? When trying to decide between a male or female cat, the truth is that it will mostly depend on you.

  6. Should You Get a Male or a Female Kitten? | Pets4Homes

    So it really does not matter much whether you get a male or a female kitten. Once it has been neutered, it will with luck be a friendly and calm cat, whichever gender it is. And other factors play a much bigger part in the kitten's eventual personality.

  7. Male Cats vs. Female Cats: Is There a Personality Difference?

    May 01, 2020 · A comprehensive poll of feline veterinary practitioners several years ago actually rated male cats as more affectionate than female cats. 2 “Male cats are often more friendly than female cats,” says Susan Saffron, author of several books on pets and founder of the National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals. 3

  8. Choosing a Companion for Your Cat
    • Age
    • Kitten Or Adult
    • Temperament
    • Size
    • Gender

    A cat close in age to your resident cat may be a better match than one that’s much younger or much older. Young cats do better with a playmate close to their own age. They will get frustrated with a senior cat who prefers napping to playing. Conversely, a senior cat may not appreciate a young cat or kitten disrupting her golden years. A word of caution if you have an elderly cat who is ill: I do not recommend bringing another cat into the home until your resident cat has passed. The stress of a new addition to the family may aggravate your older cat’s condition, and could actually shorten his life.

    Kittens do better with other kittens or young cats in the household. They need to have an outlet for all that energy, and if they’re paired with an older cat, both cats may be very unhappy. This is the reason why many rescue groups adopt kittens only in pairs. Adult cats may do better with another adult close to them in age, or slightly younger.

    Consider your resident cat’s temperament. If you have a timid cat, she would probably do better with a laid back, calm, mellow cat. A dominant cat will most likely do better with a self-assured, calmer cat. If you’re fortunate enough to have one of those happy-go-lucky cats who love everyone, she will probably get along with a cat from either end of the personality spectrum. Temperament and personality can be hard to detect if you meet a cat in a shelter. Most cats are stressed in that setting and won’t show their true personality until they’ve been in a new home for several weeks and sometimes even years.

    Size can make a difference, especially if you have a slightly dominant cat. The theory is that cats of similar size and build will accept each other more quickly. Try to choose a new cat who is the same size or slightly smaller than your resident cat.

    Male (neutered) cats are generally believed to be more accepting of other cats, both male and female. Even though this has not been my experience, female cats may not get along as well with each other. I personally believe that gender, other than as a personal preference of the guardian, is the least important consideration when it comes to choosing a good match for your resident cat. Of course, for many of us, a new cat just seems to find us. Or we fall in love with one on Petfinder, or at our local shelter. And even though on paper, the new cat may be a bad match, some of the best feline friendships arise out of these seemingly random meetings. Regardless of how you choose your new feline companion, introduce the newcomer slowly. Proper cat to cat introductionswill go a long way toward ensuring harmony in your home.

  9. Feline Focus: How to Choose the Right Companion Cat - Animal ...

    May 10, 2013 · A kitten might also not do well with an extremely active resident cat who could accidentally hurt a kitten during play. Male or Female? With spayed and neutered pets, certain pairings are easier, in general, to integrate. In order: Male/Male companionship is the easiest; Male/Female is intermediate; Female/Female is more difficult

  10. Should I get two male kittens or one male and one female ...

    Oct 15, 2016 · I’m an engineer, so I am going to give you the most engineer-y response ever (all managers absolutely hate this response, BTW. But it really is the only answer, ever).

  11. How To Tell If A Cat Is Male Or Female - 5 steps

    Jan 16, 2017 · During the heat period, cats start experimenting pre-disposition towards their sexual organs that are prepared to reproduce. The female cat lives heat in a more intense way than males as they are calling male cats to mate with them. If cats don't come, the cat will cry and will drag herself on the floor and make baby-like sounds.

    • 1. The first step we must follow to tell if a cat is male or female is to pick up the cat and put it on its back with its bottom facing towards you...
    • 2. For female cats, it's easy to recognize because the vulva is located just behind the anus. Although they are separate, there is no gap between t...
    • 3. For male cats, the genitals are also behind the anus, but they are separated from the anus by the testicles followed by the penis which stands o...
    • 4. When a cat reaches six weeks old, its gender will be more apparent. In female cats you'll clearly see the anus and the vulva without a space sep...
    • 5. Cats' sexual life starts at an early age, a couple of months after being born, they get their first heat; that's why it's important for you to k...