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      • In Europe, Spanish is an official language of Spain, the country after which it is named and from which it originated. It is widely spoken in Gibraltar, and also commonly spoken in Andorra , although Catalan is the official language there. Spanish is also spoken by small communities in other European countries,...
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  2. Spanish language - Wikipedia

    The Association of Spanish Language Academies (Asociación de Academias de la Lengua Española, or ASALE) is the entity which regulates the Spanish language. It was created in Mexico in 1951 and represents the union of all the separate academies in the Spanish-speaking world.

  3. History of the Spanish language - Wikipedia

    The language known today as Spanish is derived from a dialect of spoken Latin, which was brought to the Iberian Peninsula by the Romans during the Second Punic War, beginning in 210 BC, and which evolved in central parts of the Iberian Peninsula after the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the fifth century.

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    The Spanish language (Spanish: español, pronounced "Eh-span-yole", IPA: /espaɲol/) is a Romance language that came from the language of Latin. It is the most spoken Romance language in the world. As of November 2015, over 360 million people in the world spoke Spanish as their first language.

    • 427 million (2016), +80 million as a second language, 500 million total
    • [espaˈɲol], [kasteˈʎano]
  5. Spanish language in the United States - Wikipedia

    The United States (Spanish: Estados Unidos) has 41 million people aged five or older who speak Spanish at home, making Spanish by far the second most spoken language of the United States. Spanish is the most studied foreign language in the United States, with about six million students.

    • 58,200,000 in total, 43.2 million (2016 census), 15 million (Instituto Cervantes 2016)
    • United States
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    The main article for this category is Spanish language.. See also (related category): Articles containing Spanish language text Wikimedia Commons has media related to Spanish language.

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  10. Spanish language | History, Speakers, & Dialects | Britannica

    Spanish language, Romance language (Indo-European family) spoken as a first language by some 360 million people worldwide. In the early 21st century, Mexico had the greatest number of speakers, followed by Colombia, Argentina, the United States, and Spain. It is an official language of more than 20 countries.

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    the Spanish Language. Throughout education, methods of teaching Spanish have changed greatly. Years ago, the Spanish Language was taught simply by memory. Today, however, the Spanish Language is taught by moving slower and covering grammar and spelling rules. Again, this is an introduction. If this is the first time you are attempting to learn ...

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