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  1. Mar 28, 2019 · Perpetual Infinity. TV-14 | 49min | Action, Adventure, Drama | Episode aired 28 March 2019. Season 2 | Episode 11. Previous. All Episodes (49) Next. Burnham receives the reunion she's been longing for, but it doesn't go quite as she imagined. Georgiou and Tyler sense a disturbing change in Leland.

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    On Doctari Alpha in 2236, Dr. Gabrielle Burnham dictates a log entry on the readiness of the Daedalus Project, preparing for the imminent supernova of the nearby star Alpha Lupi that will provide the energy for the time crystal, when she is called to dinner by her ten-year-old daughter Michael. In the dining room, Michael reads from a Starfleet PADD about supernovae, and asks her father, Mike, if Alpha Lupi will go supernova soon, as three days felt like "forever". Gabrielle enters at that moment, saying that the universe had its own way of telling time. Mike asks Gabrielle about the crystal and her calculations, to which she replies that she'll have more than enough energy for initial trials. As Michael peers through the telescope at the dying star, Mike comments on her fascination with it, referring to her and her mother as "peas in a pod". As Gabrielle calls her to the table, Michael spots a "new light" in the telescope. Gabrielle tells her it was probably a meteor, but Michael r...

    Aboard Discovery, while she observes her unconscious mother on a monitor, Burnham reviews the mission logs from the Daedalus suit, and opens up the first – during the Klingon raid on Doctari Alpha. Gabrielle dons the suit and intends to jump back one hour, to get them out before the Klingons arrive. At that moment, the Klingons enter her lab and open fire on her, but she activates the time crystal in the suit and escapes... only to find she has gone forward 950 years. The mission logs are all addressed to her husband and her daughter, with Gabrielle explaining that no matter how many times she goes back in time, she is unable to stay permanently, as the anchor keeps pulling her back to where she had first arrived, 950 years in the future from them. One log indicates that all life in the galaxy has been wiped out by an antimatter detonation caused by Control; Vulcan, Andoria, Tellar Prime, Deneva, and Earthare all dead planets. She remarks that she was in fact standing on Earth when...

    In the ready room, Burnham vents her outrage. Culber apologizes, saying he was just the messenger. There were a lot of questions that needed to be answered, and whatever Gabrielle's reasons for not wanting to speak to her, Burnham believes she should be the one to ask them. Pike understands her position, but believes that they should follow Gabrielle's lead on this; Spock concurs. Burnham makes clear she is not invoking her right as a daughter, as that would be childish, but she is the one who knows Gabrielle best. Culber tells Burnham to consider that the person who stepped into that time suit may not be the one she remembers; Burnham retorts that she was the best person to gauge that. Pike understands Burnham's desire to see her, but for now, they would play it her way, in order to establish some level of trust. Burnham would stay aboard, and watch from the feed, and that would be that. Pike beams down to the facility, where Nhan tells him that he will not be able to cross into th...

    In Discovery's engineering lab, Burnham asks Stamets how long before the containment field failed; Stamets estimates 43 minutes. He's increased power to the field, but the gravitational pull on Gabrielle and the suit has also increased. Tyler offers more power from NCIA-93; Stamets channels his "inner Newton" and says that will not work, equal and opposite reactions being what they are. Spock understands that Gabrielle has been trying to find a way to destroy the Sphere; perhaps there is a reason she has failed thus far. He quotes the philosopher Lao Tze, saying that "water is the softest thing, yet it can penetrate mountains" – an illustrative truth, showing that what appeared immutable was not: a mountain, the Sphere, time. Perhaps time itself would provide the answer. Burnham speculates that perhaps instead of fighting against time, they flow with it, and try to merge the Sphere into the "river of time" itself – sending it so far into the future that it would not be able to harm...

    Stamets has retrofitted pattern enhancers with dark matter, which has the energy to beam Gabrielle into their space-time permanently, but there was only enough power for one attempt. Theoretically, he says, it should work; Burnham insists that it will work. Once that was done, they would disable the containment field and let the suit take the data away, forever. Gabrielle warns that time was not on their side; Michael is insistent that she was going to save her from this, but mostly from herself. Gabrielle admits that she had watched Michael all her life. She remembered the white dress Michael had worn when she graduated from the Vulcan Science Academy; when she beamed aboard the USS Shenzhou with Sarek; when she finally learned the Vulcan salute from Spock as a child; when she read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland aloud to herself on her 11th birthday, pretending to read it to her parents. When the beast came for her on Vulcan, she was there – through all those moments, and many mo...

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    Mar 30, 2019 · Star Trek: Discovery regains its stride with "Perpetual Infinity" after last week’s exposition-heavy outing, and while this segment is also chockfull of plot and technical techings of the tech ...

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    Burnham receives the reunion she's been longing for, but it doesn't go quite as she imagined. Air Date: Mar 28, 2019

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    Perpetual Infinity” is the 11th episode of Star Trek: Discovery's sophomore season, and is pleased to share the global preview. This week, Burnham receives the reunion she’s been longing for, but it doesn’t go quite as she imagined.

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    Mar 28, 2019 · Perpetual InfinityStar Trek: Discovery Season 2, Episode 11 – Debuted Thursday, March 28th Written by Alan McElroy & Brandon Schultz Directed by Maja Vrvilo . SPOILER-FREE REVIEW ...

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    The second season of the American television series Star Trek: Discovery is set roughly a decade before the events of the original Star ... "Perpetual Infinity" Maja ...

    • United States
    • January 17 –, April 18, 2019
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    Mar 29, 2019 · Star Trek: Discovery ... There are a lot of things to like about “Perpetual Infinity,” but the thing I like best is Sohn’s amazing performance as Dr. Gabrielle Burnham.

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    Season four of Star Trek: Discovery finds Captain Burnham and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery facing a threat unlike any they’ve ever encountered. With Federation and non-Federation worlds alike feeling the impact, they must confront the unknown and work together to ensure a hopeful future for all.

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