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    Taiwan's export-oriented industrial economy is the 21st-largest in the world by nominal GDP, and 20th-largest by PPP measures, with major contributions from steel, machinery, electronics and chemicals manufacturing. Taiwan is a developed country, ranking 15th in GDP per capita.

  2. Taiwan is southeast of the People's Republic of China's mainland, south of Japan, and north of the Philippines. Taiwan has also been called Formosa, a Portuguese name which means "beautiful" in Portuguese. The largest cities in Taiwan are the capital, Taipei, and the port city of Kaohsiung.

  3. History of Taiwan - Wikipedia

    Taiwan produced rice and sugar to be exported to the Empire of Japan, and also served as a base for the Japanese invasion of Southeast Asia and the Pacific during World War II. Japanese imperial education was implemented in Taiwan and many Taiwanese also fought for Japan during the war.

  4. Taiwan, China - Wikipedia,_China
    • Overview
    • Background and ambiguity over "China"
    • Ambiguity of "Taiwan Province"
    • Objections
    • Usage

    "Taiwan, China", "Taiwan, Province of China", or "Taiwan Province, China" are a set of politically controversial terms that characterize Taiwan and its associated territories as a province or territory of "China". The term "Taiwan, China" is used by Chinese media whenever Taiwan is referenced, although the People's Republic of China – which is widely recognized by the international community as the legitimate representative of "China" – does not exercise jurisdiction over areas...

    The dispute and ambiguity over the meaning of "China" and which "China" stemmed from the division of Republic of China into two Chinas at the "end" of the Chinese Civil War in 1955. The term "China" historically meant the various regimes and imperial dynasties which controlled territories in mainland Asia prior to 1911, when the imperial system was overthrown and the Republic of China was established as the first republic in Asia. In 1927, the Chinese Civil War started between the Kuomintang and

    The term "Taiwan, China" is also potentially ambiguous because both the ROC and the PRC each has administratively a "Taiwan Province", Taiwan Province, Republic of China and "Taiwan Province, People's Republic of China", and neither of these provinces covers the Matsu Islands, Wuchiu, Kinmen, all of which have been retained by the Republic of China. Geographically speaking, they both refer to the same place. The existence of the extra term "Taiwan Province, PRC" is merely because of PRC's insist

    The ROC is prohibited from using its official name internationally under pressure from the PRC and uses "Chinese Taipei" in other organizations. The ROC sees its use as a denial of the ROC's status as a separate sovereign state, diminishing it under "China", which implicitly is t

    The confusion and fight over use of the "China" name and the lack of name recognition of "Republic of China" itself and recognition as a country are part of the reason for the supporters of Taiwan independence to push for an identity apart from "China" and for renaming the ROC an

    The term is often used in Chinese media whenever the word "Taiwan" is mentioned, as in news reports and in TV shows. Particularly, when Taiwanese entertainers are on talk shows or being interviewed, the Chinese subtitles on the TV screen would always say "Taiwan, China" despite t

    In 2018 in Cambodia, a gang of Chinese men yelled to a British man tattooed "Taiwan" on his forehead in Mandarin "Taiwan, China", but he was physically assaulted when yelling back "Taiwan, Taiwan".

    If a place of birth on a United States passport application is written as "Taiwan, China" that cannot be shown in passports as per the One-China policy, the United States Department of State requires its officials to contact the applicant to ascertain whether "Taiwan" or "China"

    • ᠠᡳᠸᠠᠨ ᠵᡠᠨᡤᠣ
    • Chungkuo Taiwan
    • Тайвань Хятад
    • Daizvanh Cunggoz
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  6. Geography of Taiwan - Wikipedia

    Taiwan, officially the Republic of China (ROC), is an island country in East Asia.The main island of Taiwan, known historically in English as Formosa, makes up 99% of the area controlled by the ROC, measuring 35,808 square kilometres (13,826 sq mi) and lying some 180 kilometres (112 mi) across the Taiwan Strait from the southeastern coast of mainland China.

    • 35,980 km² (13,890 sq mi)
    • Yu Shan, 3,952 m (12,966 ft)
  7. Foreign relations of Taiwan - Wikipedia

    Taiwan immediately delivered 100 brand new copies of Windows XP, and offered to train our computer technicians. Travel from the Mainland to Palau is illegal. Taiwan and Palau entered into a maritime cooperation agreement in March 2019. Taiwan agreed to fund the building of an eight-ton patrol boat in Palau.

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    Taiwan [nota 2] (em chinês: 臺灣 ou 台灣 (tradicional), 台湾 (simplificado)), oficialmente República da China (Taiwan), [7] é um Estado insular localizado na Ásia Oriental, que evoluiu de um regime unipartidário com reconhecimento mundial e jurisdição plena sobre toda a China para uma república com reconhecimento internacional limitado e com competência apenas sobre a ilha ...

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    Taipei (/ ˌ t aɪ ˈ p eɪ /), officially Taipei City, is the capital and a special municipality of Taiwan (officially the Republic of China, ROC).Located in Northern Taiwan, Taipei City is an enclave of the municipality of New Taipei City that sits about 25 km (16 mi) southwest of the northern port city of Keelung.

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    Taiwan, ca rezerve valutare se află pe poziția a 4-a în lume, cu aproximativ 262,9 miliarde de dolari. În ultimele trei decenii, creșterea economică a Taiwanului a fost de aproximativ 8%. Cu toate că criza economică mondială din 2009 a lovit foarte tare economia mondială, în 2010, Taiwan a înregistrat o creștere de 10%.

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