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  1. Sakichi Toyoda - Wikipedia › wiki › Sakichi_Toyoda

    Sakichi Toyoda (豊田 佐吉, Toyoda Sakichi, February 14, 1867 – October 30, 1930) was a Japanese inventor and industrialist. He was born in Kosai, Shizuoka.The son of a farmer and sought-after carpenter, he started the Toyoda family companies.

  2. Suzu Hirose - Wikipedia › wiki › Suzu_Hirose

    Suzu Hirose (広瀬 すず, Hirose Suzu, born 19 June 1998) is a Japanese actress and model.

  3. Toyota - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas › wiki › Toyota

    Dr. Tatsuro Toyoda (1992–1995) Hiroshi Okuda (1995–1999) Fujio Cho (1999–2005) Katsuaki Watanabe (2005–2009) Akio Toyoda (2009-sekarang) Ketua Toyota Motor ...

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