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    Total number portability exists in Chile, so users can freely move from one service provider to another without losing their number, regardless of connection technology, whether land-line, mobile or VoIP. Therefore, a number beginning with "8" or "9" no longer denotes that it is a mobile phone number.

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    Does anybody know anything about the 044 code for inside chile? I heard its for VOIP systems. —Preceding unsigned comment added by 14:26, 18 June 2010 (UTC) External links modified. Hello fellow Wikipedians, I have just added archive links to one external link on Telephone numbers in Chile.

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    A telephone number is a sequence of digits assigned to a fixed-line telephone subscriber station connected to a telephone line or to a wireless electronic telephony device, such as a radio telephone or a mobile telephone, or to other devices for data transmission via the public switched telephone network (PSTN) or other public and private networks.

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    Country calling codes or country dial-in codes are telephone number prefixes for reaching telephone subscribers in the networks of the member countries or regions of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The codes are defined by the ITU-T in standards E.123 and E.164.

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    Jul 27, 2019 · Chilean phone numbers are nine digits. The first digit signifies whether a phone number is a land-line (fixed line) or mobile phone. With landlines, the first one to two digits represents a geographic part of the country. Santiago is the only one digit phone number and uses area code ‘2’.

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    Telephone numbers in China are organized according to the Chinese Telephone Code Plan. The numerical formats of landlines and mobile phones are different: landlines have area-codes, whereas mobile phones do not. In major cities, landline-numbers consist of a two-digit area code followed by an eight-digit inner-number.

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    Phones numbers in Chile A Chilean number contains 9 digits: If it is a mobile, it starts with 9 followed by 8 digits If it is a landline phone in Santiago, it starts with 2 followed by 8 digits

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