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  1. The Camomile Lawn – The Camomile Lawn, Homesickness

    Homesickness: Calypso stumbles on bad news for Polly and tries, in her own way, to be helpful. Sophy and Monika discover they both suffer from homesickness and the certainty that home is gone forever. Polly endures a trauma trying to pick a twin, while Calypso is out dancing every night despite her growing bulge.

  2. The Camomile Lawn – The Camomile Lawn, The Last Summer

    Back to Series The Camomile Lawn, The Camomile Lawn: ... Homesickness The Camomile Lawn: Episode 4. Reminiscences and Reconnections The Camomile Lawn: Episode 5.

  3. Back to Home The Camomile Lawn It's August 1939 and five cousins gather at their uncle's big house on the Cornish coast. The imminence of war charges the air as they frolic on the fragrant lawn and tempt fate on the terrifying cliffs that one last sultry summer.

    • Martin Benson, Richard Johnson, Richard Syms
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  4. The Camomile Lawn; Season 1; The Camomile Lawn. S1:E 4 Homesickness. Mar 26, 1992 | 53m. ... Homesickness. Calypso and Tony visit Polly and learn shocking news ...

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  6. The Camomile Lawn (TV serial) - Wikipedia

    The Camomile Lawn is a television adaptation of the book of the same name by Mary Wesley, produced by Glenn Wilhide and Sophie Belhetchet at ZED Ltd for Channel 4, directed by Peter Hall. It was adapted from Wesley's novel by Ken Taylor and first broadcast in 1992.

    • 4 (5 on DVD)
    • 5 March –, 2 April 1992
  7. Mar 05, 1992 · With Felicity Kendal, Claire Bloom, Jennifer Ehle, Richard Johnson. In 1939, young Oliver, Calypso, Polly and Walter visit friends and family in Cornwall. Spanish Civil War is over and WW2 has begun, so they enjoy their love life while they can.

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  8. The Camomile Lawn – The Camomile Lawn, Reminiscences and ...

    Calypso takes Sophy in for company while she waits for the baby and news of Hector. When the two women meet again in Cornwall for Maxs funeral, they recall the drama of Calypsos labor. Calypsos grown son and Pollys grown children learn new things abo...

  9. The Camomile Lawn - Wikipedia

    The Camomile Lawn is a 1984 novel by Mary Wesley beginning with a family holiday in Cornwall in the last summer of peace before the Second World War.When the family is reunited for a funeral nearly fifty years later, it brings home to them how much the war acted as a catalyst for their emotional liberation.

  10. The Camomile Lawn S01 E02 - YouTube

    Calypso captures a rich husband and decides to get married in truly spectacular style, but Oliver turns up at the wedding and threatens to cause trouble. A d...

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  11. Chamomile lawns / RHS Gardening

    Cultivar selection. C. nobile ‘Treneague’ is a non-flowering, low growing clone only 5-10cm (2.5-4in) high, ideal for creating a chamomile lawn. As it is a named cultivar, it will not come true from seed, making plant purchase necessary.