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    Underworld is a 2003 action horror film directed by Len Wiseman and written by Danny McBride, based on a story by Kevin Grevioux, Wiseman and McBride. Kevin Grevioux wrote the original screenplay. The film centers on the secret history of vampires and lycans (an abbreviated form of lycanthrope, which means werewolf).

    • Underworld: Evolution

      Underworld: Evolution is a 2006 American action horror film...

    • Plot

      For generations, a secret war has raged between vampires and...

    • Legal controversy

      The film was the subject of a copyright infringement lawsuit...

    • Box office

      The film grossed $51,970,690 in the US and $95,708,457...

    • Reception

      Underworld has a 31% overall approval rating on...

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    The first film, Underworld, was released in 2003; it introduces Selene, an elite vampire-warrior who defies her orders, and Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman), a human who gets caught up in the war. The second film, Underworld: Evolution (released in 2006) follows Selene and Michael as they are hunted by their enemies.

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    Underworld è un film horror-fantascientifico del 2003, diretto da Len Wiseman. Nonostante sia stato accolto negativamente dalla critica [1] , è stato un successo commerciale e ha dato il via a un franchise , composto da tre sequel e un prequel, oltre ad altri prodotti multimediali.

    • 121 min, 133 min (director's cut)
    • 2003
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    Underworld je akcioni-horor film iz 2003. godine čija se radnja bavi tajnom istorijom vampira i vukodlaka, s tim da se vukodlaci ovde nazivaju Likani kao skraćeno od likantropi. Protagonist je Selena (Kejt Bekinsejl), vampirica - trgovac smrću tj. lovac na Likane, posao u kome je veoma dobra. Ispunjena je mržnjom prema samoj rasi Likana jer ...

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    Underworld: Evolution IMDb Underworld är en amerikansk action -/ fantasyfilm från 2003 i regi av Len Wiseman , med Kate Beckinsale , Scott Speedman , Michael Sheen och Shane Brolly i rollerna.

    • Gary Lucchesi, Tom Rosenberg, Richard S. Wright
    • Danny McBride
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    Underworld zo ur film spont-niñvek stadunanat embannet er bloavezh 2003. Renet e oa bet gant Len Wiseman ha skrivet gant Danny McBride , adal un istor gant McBride, Kevin Grevioux, ha Wiseman. Ar film a zo diazezet war ur brezel-kuzh etre ar sunerien-gwad hag ar re lycans (berradur lycanthrope, kement a bleizi-tud).

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    Az Underworld (Underworld) 2003-ban bemutatott amerikai-német-magyar-angol akció-horrorfilm Kate Beckinsale főszereplésével, az Underworld-filmek első része. A film érdekessége, hogy jelentős részét Magyarországon forgatták.

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    Perched on the ledge of a building on a rainy night, two black-garbed Vampires known as Death Dealers track a pair of Lycans walking on the street below. The Vampires, Selene and Rigel, specialize in assassinating this ancient species. Selene's motivation goes beyond duty; she also wants revenge, for she believes that Lycans slaughtered her family when she was a child. The Vampires believe that they defeated the Lycans many centuries ago and killed their leader, Lucian, and that they must now kill off the survivors. As the Vampires follow the Lycans into a subway station, the Lycans realize that they are being followed and open fire with submachine guns. In the chaotic shootout, Selene realizes that the Lycans may have been following a human, Michael Corvin, which is very unusual. After the Lycans retreat from Selene's barrage of machine pistol fire, she tracks them to their lair, where she hears loud howling. When Selene arrives at the Vampire Coven's mansion, she recounts the even...

    Critics generally gave Underworld a negative reception. It scored a 31% approval rating at the film-critics' aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes. Roger Ebert said, "This is a movie so paltry in its characters and shallow in its story that the war seems to exist primarily to provide graphic visuals".However, some critics were more favorable: the New York Daily News praised it as being "stylish and cruel, and mightily entertaining for certain covens out there". Salon reviewer Andrew O'Hehir gave mixed criticism and praise, stating, "[B]y any reasonable standard, this dark vampire epic — all massive overacting, cologne-commercial design and sexy cat suits — sucks". But O'Hehir also remarks that, " least it gives a crap", conceding that despite the movie's flaws, the complex vampire-werewolf mythology back-story "has been meticulously worked out". Kevin L. Nault writes that one "significant character, Kraven (played by Shane Brolly), was consistently flat or simply off. Almost without f...

    Writer/director Len Wiseman wanted to make the film with the feel of being "a living, breathing graphic novel."
    Underworld and Underworld: Evolution were originally all one script, which had to be divided into two in order to fit time and budget constraints, with the intention of making the second half of th...
    Len Wiseman has stated that he would like someday soon to release both Underworld and Underworld: Evolution as Directors Cut Editions.[source?]
    One of the Vampires seen in the mansion is Nick Rhodes of the band Duran Duran.
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