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  1. Gainsborough Street, site of the first murder attributed to the Boston Strangler On October 27, 1964, a stranger entered a young woman's home posing as a detective. He tied the victim to her bed, sexually assaulted her, and suddenly left, saying "I'm sorry" as he went.

  2. If DeSalvo is indeed the Boston Strangler, than he is considered to be one of the firsts modern serial killers in U.S. history. What is interesting to know is that the killings were not considered by police to have been committed by one person, but rather the city was convinced by the media of the existence of a serial killer.

  3. The Boston Strangler: the first mass-media serial kille r On the 18th January 1967, the man alleged to be the Boston Strangler was sent down for life. It ended – or seemingly ended – the reign of the first bogeyman of the mass-media age.

  4. The case and DeSalvo’s life were portrayed in the 1968 film The Boston Strangler. DeSalvo was murdered in Walpole State Prison in 1973. DeSalvo was viewed as a textbook case of a sexually motivated serial murderer, a seemingly ordinary man who was nevertheless capable of outbursts of savage violence.

  5. Boston Strangler (First Victim) The first Boston Strangler murder took place on June 14th, 1962. Anna Slesers was a 55-year-old seamstress. She had been waiting for her son to pick her up when she was murdered. When her son arrived, he found the door locked and had to ram the door open.

  6. DeSalvo confessed to his attorney, F. Lee Bailey, that he was the Boston Strangler. Through DeSalvo’s ability to describe the murders in accurate detail, Bailey believed that DeSalvo was in fact the Strangler.

  7. The Boston Strangler was America’s first modern serial killer case. From June 1962 until January 1964, someone terrorized the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts with thirteen sexually-motivated murders. Single women of all ages were raped, sexually brutalized and killed inside their apartments. Apparently, they voluntarily let their killer in.

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