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  2. 15 Best Things to Do in Gelsenkirchen (Germany) - The Crazy ... › 15-best-things
    • Zoom Erlebniswelt Gelsenkirchen. The city’s award-winning zoo was founded in 1949 on bomb-damaged land beside the Rhine-Herne Canal and focuses solely on larger animals.
    • Schloss Horst. In the Horst district is an imposing Renaissance palace, one of the oldest and most important historical buildings in Westphalia. In the regional “Liperenaissance” style, Schloss went up in 1578, on the site of a medieval predecessor that had burned down.
    • FC Schalke 04. Schalke are the third most successful club in the history of the Bundesliga and were Germany’s dominant club in the 1930s. Although Die Königsblauen (The Royal Blues) haven’t won a title since 1958 they’ve come close over the last decade, finishing runner-up in 2007 and 2010.
    • Nordsternpark. On the Ruhr’s Industrial Heritage Trail, the Nordsternpark is a recreation area laid out on the former Zeche Nordstern colliery. The mine closed down in 1993, and in just four years the site had been regenerated in time for Gelsenkirchen to host the Bundesgartenschau in 1997 (Federal Garden Exhibition).
  3. Gelsenkirchen - Wikipedia › wiki › History_of_Gelsenkirchen

    In about 700, the region was settled by the Saxons. A few other parts of town which today lie in Gelsenkirchen's north end were mentioned in documents from the early Middle Ages, some examples being: Raedese (nowadays Resse), Middelvic (Middelich, today part of Resse), Sutheim (Sutum; today part of Beckhausen) and Sculven (nowadays Scholven).

  4. Gelsenkirchen | Germany | Britannica › place › Gelsenkirchen

    Gelsenkirchen, city, North Rhine–Westphalia Land (state), western Germany. It lies just north of Essen. Gelsenkirchen was a village of fewer than 1,000 inhabitants in 1850, but the opening in 1853 of its first coal mine and its favourable position on the Rhine-Herne Canal stimulated its rapid

  5. Gelsenkirchen - OilfieldWiki › wiki › Gelsenkirchen

    A few other parts of town which today lie in Gelsenkirchen's north end were mentioned in documents from the early Middle Ages, some examples being: Raedese(nowadays Resse), Middelvic (Middelich, today part of Resse), Sutheim(Sutum; today part of Beckhausen) and Sculven(nowadays Scholven).

  6. Gelsenkirchen Meaning | Best 2 Definitions of Gelsenkirchen › gelsenkirchen

    Sentence Examples Gelsenkirchen,, 147,037 GELSENKIRCHEN, a town of Germany in the Prussian province of Westphalia, 27 m. English fans stoned and threw beer cans at portuguese fans in Gelsenkirchen (witnessed by a portuguese TV crew).

  7. Gelsenkirchen - Wikitravel › en › Gelsenkirchen

    Feb 14, 2021 · Gelsenkirchen is in the heart of the Ruhr region in Germany. Located in the western part of the country, Gelsenkirchen is located near major cities such as Dusseldorf and Cologne. Through coal mining, the Ruhr Region became former industrial capital of Germany and formed heavily populated cities.

  8. Gelsenkirchen | Definition of Gelsenkirchen by Oxford ... › definition › gelsenkirchen

    What is the definition of Gelsenkirchen? What is the meaning of Gelsenkirchen? How do you use Gelsenkirchen in a sentence? What are synonyms for Gelsenkirchen?

  9. Gelsenkirchen definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary › english › gelsenkirchen

    Gelsenkirchen definition: an industrial city in W Germany , in North Rhine-Westphalia. Pop: 272 445 (2003 est) | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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