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    Which is the pay TV channel for ABS CBN?

    What radio stations are affiliated with ABS CBN?

    Why did ABS CBN go off the air?

    How many shares does ABS CBN have?

  2. List of ABS-CBN Corporation channels and stations - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_ABS-CBN

    Mt. Amuyao, Barlig, Mountain Province under Bontoc: ABS-CBN TV-3 Tuguegarao DWAF-TV: TV-3 ...

    Ch. #
    Station Type
    ABS-CBN TV-2 Manila
    ABS-CBN TV-7 Laoag
    Relay [1]
    ABS-CBN TV-11 Vigan
    ABS-CBN TV-3 Baguio (North Luzon)
    • 1988; 33 years ago
    • Division
  3. List of ABS-CBN Corporation channels and stations ... › wiki › List_of_ABS

    1 Radio stations 1.1 FM radio network (MOR Philippines) 1.2 AM radio network (Radyo Patrol) 2 Free-to-air Television stations 2.1 ABS-CBN 2.1.1 Analog VHF-UHF 2.1.2 Former Analog 2.1.3 Digital terrestrial 2.2 S+A 3 Pay Television Channels 4 Direct-to-home/Satellite broadcast networks Main article: MOR Philippines^ Relay from MOR 103.1 For Life! Baguio. ^ Since July 2018, local programs ...

  4. List of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation stations and channels › wiki › List_of_ABS-CBN

    Note: All of the ABS-CBN’s are off-air due to cease-and-desist order. 1 Radio stations 1.1 FM radio network (MOR Philippines) 1.2 AM radio network (Radyo Patrol) 2 Final television stations 2.1 ABS-CBN 2.1.1 Analog VHF UHF Former Analog 2.1.2 Digital terrestrial 2.2 S+A (Replaced by AMCARA) 2.2.1 Former Analog 3 Pay Television Channels 4 Direct-to-home/Satellite ...

  5. ABS-CBN Corporation - Wikipedia › wiki › ABS-CBN_Corporation

    The group owns and operates Kapamilya Channel and ABS-CBN News Channel under ABS-CBN as well as the Teleradyo and MOR Entertainment digital radio networks. The Kapamilya Channel - in particular, is the largest contributor to the group's revenue mainly from selling airtime to advertisers.

  6. ABS-CBN Corporation | Philippine Television Wiki | Fandom › wiki › ABS-CBN
    • History
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    The nucleus of ABS-CBN Corporation began in 1946 with Bolinao Electronics Corporation (BEC). BEC was established by James Lindenberg, one of the founding fathers of Philippine television, an American electronics engineer who went into radio equipment assembly and radio broadcasting. At that time, the largest media company was Manila Broadcasting, with DZRH as the leading radio station. In 1949, James Lindenberg shifted Bolinao to radio broadcasting with DZBC and masterminded the introduction...


    In turn, on 24 September 1956, the Chronicle Broadcasting Network (CBN) was organized. The network, which initially focused only on radio broadcasting, was owned by Don Eugenio Lopez, Sr. and the then- Philippine Vice President Fernando Lopez, and later on launched its very own TV station, DZXL-TV 9 on April 19 (or July), 1958. In 1957, Don Eugenio acquired ABS from Quirino and Lindenberg. However, it was only on 1 February 1967, that the corporate name was changed to ABS-CBN Broadcasting Cor...

    Martial law era

    The station suffered a setback upon the declaration of martial law. In the midnight of 22 September 1972, a day after the declaration of Martial Law, ABS-CBN and its affiliate stations were seized. Geny Lopez, the president of the company, was imprisoned and held without trial for five years until he and his cellmate Sergio Osmeña III launched a daring jailbreak in 1977 and sought asylum in the United States together with their families. The network itself was taken over by Roberto Benedicto,...

    Template:Refimprove section The ABS-CBN logo features three main elements, the vertical line rooted on a horizontal origin, the three extending circles, and the text ABS-CBN. The vertical line or bar represents a tower (broadcasting tower) as well as dignifying the company and representing its core business of broadcasting, with the circles symbolizing a transmitter tower's signals, and representing the red, green and blue or RGB colors which makes up a pixel shown on the television. The 3 divisions of the Philippines, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, are also denoted by the three circles, as well as its wide presence, "range for imagination", and its "pioneering, embracing" spirit. One unique thing about ABS-CBN's logo is that it also has a horizontal version, usually used to save space as the main vertical logo usually takes up more space than the horizontal one. The design of the horizontal version of the logo contains the ABS-CBN text, split into two parts, "ABS" and "CBN", without...

    John A. Lent (1971). Philippine Mass Communication Before 1811 and After 1966. Manila: Philippine Press Institute. Template:ISBN
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    Cecille Matutina (1999). Pinoy Television: The Story of ABS-CBN. Quezon City: Benpres Publishing, Inc. Template:ISBN

    Template:Commons category 1. Template:Official website 2. Ella G. Mangabat (October 17, 2003). "Years of service to the Filipino: The ABS-CBN story". Philippine Daily Inquirer 3. James Hookway (June 23, 2004). "Filipino Broadcaster ABS-CBN Finds Growing Audience Overseas". The Wall Street Journal 4. David Englander (October 15, 2014). "ABS-CBN: Philippine Broadcaster Sends Strong Buy Signal - Shares of the Philippines’ largest TV broadcaster can rise near 50% as the country continues its rapid growth." Barron's 5. David Englander (March 11, 2015). "ABS-CBN: Philippine Broadcaster Can Rise 25% - Philippines’ largest TV broadcaster has surged since we recommended shares last year. Stay long." Barron's 6. Mark Yu (August 26, 2016). "ABS-CBN May Be Worth Your Investment - The Philippine media broadcasting leader offers some value". 7. Media Ownership Monitor Philippines - Media Companies: A Duopoly Rules by VERA Files and Reporters Without Borders Template:ABS-CBNTemplate:...

  7. ABS CBN, Now A2Z Channel 11, Returns on Air - The Philippine ... › abs-cbn-now-a2z-channel

    by Flor Rivera October 8, 2020. written by Flor Rivera October 8, 2020. Manila, Philippines – ABS-CBN, now A2Z Channel 11 returns on air. The defunct network will start operating under its newly rebranded “A2Z Channel 11”. It can be said that it is the new home of ABS-CBN Broadcasting that delighted many of its viewers.

    • Flor Rivera
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