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    Chinese names for China, aside from Zhongguo, include Zhōnghuá (中華 / 中华, "central beauty"), Huáxià (華夏 / 华夏, "beautiful grandness"), Shénzhōu (神州, "divine state") and Jiǔzhōu (九州, "nine states").

    • Zhōngguó
    • ᡩᡠᠯᡳᠮᠪᠠᡳ, ᡤᡠᡵᡠᠨ
    • Middle or Central State
    • Cungguek
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    Other Names for China Throughout history, China has had many other names, and they include: Shen Zhou– Shen Zhou means “divine land”. It originated during the Warring States period.

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    Along with the other three great powers, China was one of the four major Allies of World War II, and was later considered one of the primary victors in the war. After the surrender of Japan in 1945, Taiwan, including the Pescadores, was returned to Chinese control. China emerged victorious but war-ravaged and financially drained.

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    Chinese personal names are names used by those from Greater China and other parts of the Chinese-speaking world throughout East Asia and Southeast Asia. In addition, many names used in Korea and Vietnam are adaptations of Chinese names or have historical roots in Chinese, due to China's cultural influence in the region historically. Modern Chinese names consist of a family name, which comes first and is usually but not always monosyllabic, followed by a given name, which is almost always disylla

    Although there are currently over 6,000 Chinese surnames including non-Han Chinese surnames in use in China, the colloquial expression for the "Chinese people" is Bǎixìng "Hundred Surnames", and a mere hundred surnames still make up over 85% of China's 1.3 billion citizens. In fact, just the top three—Wang, Li, and Zhang —cover more than 20% of the population. This homogeneity results from the great majority of Han family names having only one character, while the small number of ...

    Chinese given names show much greater diversity than the surnames, while still being restricted almost universally to one or two syllables. Including variant forms, there are at least 106,000 individual Chinese characters, but as of 2006, in the People's Republic of China Public Security Bureau only approximately 32,000 are supported for computer input and even fewer are in common use. Given names are chosen based on a range of factors, including possession of pleasing sound and tonal qualities,

    The process of converting Chinese names into a phonetic alphabet is called romanization. In mainland China, Chinese names have been romanized using the Hanyu Pinyin system since 1958. Although experiments with the complete conversion of Chinese to the Pinyin alphabet failed, it remains in common use and has become the transcription system of the United Nations and the International Organization for Standardization. Taiwan officially adopted Hanyu Pinyin as one of their romanisation schemes in 20

    It is common for many different Chinese names to have the same spelling

    • 姓名
    • Sūn Zàizhī ( 孫載之 )
    • xìngmíng
    • Sūn Dìxiàng ( 孫帝象 )
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    • Jackie Chan Is Not His Real Chinese Name?! Nope
    • Chinese Names – What’s The Story?
    • Chinese Names – What Do They Mean?
    • Chinese Names – Changing Your Name After Marriage?
    • Chinese Names – 5 Ideas to Help You Pick Your Chinese Name
    • Chinese Boy Names
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    Being a Hollywood star or a famous businessman like Jack Ma (Chinese name Mǎ Yún 马云) requires a more westernised name. Jack Ma (for those of you who don’t know) is the co-founder and executive chairman of the Alibaba Group. Usually, I would ask a local Chinese person if they have an English (international) name. Some do and some don’t! It has become more popular in recent times for Chinese people to keep their Chinese names – and foreigners just have to deal with trying to remember them. I mean, that’s pretty fair to be honest. Especially since Chinese names carry such importance and weight in their meanings. Chinese names hold strong meaning and parents spend real time on these. The meanings are very deliberate. Children are named after attributes like fire, or qualities such as loyalty, instead of the nicest sounding name. But only in China and some other Asian countries, there is a Name Culture. Let’s try to figure it out…

    First of all, when Chinese people say their name, first they say the Family name, then Given name so if we take Jackie Chan (Chéng Lóng) as an example – Cheng is his last name, Long is given a name. Chinese family names take first place because they are more valuable. You carry your Family name proudly and pass it to next generations. The family name usually consists of one (or rarely two/three) characters and the given name is usually two characters. It was only many years later that all Chinese people had family names. Much like many popular English names such as Smith, family names would have been issued according to their occupation. In China, it is common that the way people will address you will change throughout your life. At birth, parents give a child a name and “little name” (小名). This “little name” is usually used in early childhood. When a child enrols at school, he or she is given “school name” (学名). After graduation from school, everyone can call you your given name or...

    However, a long time ago it was believed that giving your child a name with a bad meaning could hold off evil spirits. This lead to some interesting name choices: Another interesting tradition includes parents going to visit a witch or seer upon the birth of the baby. Here, they would ask the seer or witch what kind of destiny is intended for their child. If there was a risk of some kind of threat to the child’s life or health, parents gave the name with the opposite meaning of the threat. If the child’s destiny said that the child will suffer from fire, the child would be given a name connected with water. The tradition of giving a “little name” is still popular nowadays and using an alias is very popular among celebrities. The “little name” usually sounds like their given name, just a little bit modified.

    Changing the last name after marriage is common practice all over the world. Except for in China. What do they do instead? Sometimes, girls keep their original Family name, or they can combine it with their husband’s Family name. The children have to take fathers’ family name regardless. This is largely due to the importance held on Chinese names since they can tell us a lot about the person. For example, the given name and family name can also give the information about a person’s origin a long time ago.

    This doesn’t work for all names, and make sure to check with your Chinese friends or teacher before settling with a character purely based on the sound! There are many standard name translations in Chinese for typical English names. For example, Amy is usually 艾美 ài měi, and David is usually 大卫 dà wèi. Here are the most common Chinese names in China. 1. Wang (王) 2. Li (李) 3. Zhang (张) 4. Liu (刘) 5. Chen (陈) 6. Yang (杨) 7. Huang (黄) 8. Zhao (赵) 9. Wu (吴) 10. Zhou (周) It’s important that you can at least read your name, but better if you can write it too! Don’t pick characters that are too difficult. The least fun, but the most fool-proof method when choosing your Chinese name.

    Here are five favourite or typical Chinese boy names: 1. 伟祺 Wěi qí– this means very lucky or auspicious. 2. 念真 Niàn zhēn– This name is the first name of a famous Taiwanese writer, meaning ‘read the truth’. 3. 鸿涛 Hóng tāo– The Hóng part of this name means to prosper or to flourish. 4. 苑博 Yuàn bó– The bó in this names means to be learned or a scholar. 5. 明杰 Míng jié– This name means wise and distinguished.

    Here are five favourite or typical Chinese girl names: 1. 徽因 Huī yīn – this is just a Chinese girls name that we think sounds nice. It’s the first name of a famous female architectand poet. 2. 书兰 Shū lán– In this Chinese name, shū means book and lán is orchid. 3. 海云 Hǎi yún– This name has beautiful imagery, hǎi refers to the sea and yún are clouds. 4. 平安 Píng’ān– The characters in this Chinese name mean peace. 5. 雅琴 Yǎ qín– Yǎ means elegant and qín means musical instrument, a Chinese name for an elegant and creative type. So there we have it, your complete guide to Chinese names! Do you have a Chinese name? If so, tell us below. Or do you want us to help you with your very first Chinese name? If you are keen on coming to China we recommend you check this video out. Mr LTL himself, Andreas, our founder, tells you the best places to learn Chinese in China (in his humble opinion)

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    Chinese. An archaic singular for the plural Chinese, now considered offensive. Also said to be an emphasis of many Asian's inability to pronounce English. Chink-a-billy. Chinese. Half Chinese, half hillbilly. Chinksta. Chinese. Chinese people who try to act black; like Wanksta for white people.

    Reason & Origins
    American-Born Chinese. An Americanized ...
    From a 1970s TV commercial for Calgon ...
    The Chinese ate their babies because of ...
    Bamboo grows in China.
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    • 芷若 Zhi Ruo. This name for girls is composed of two Chinese herbal plants: zhi (angelica) and ruo (pollia). The ancient Chinese likened beauties to herbal plants, plus the name has a pleasant sound, and has become even more popular after Wuxia-novel master Jin Yong gave it to a character.
    • 语嫣 Yu Yan. Also the name of a popular female character written by Jin Yong, Yu Yan is drawn from the phrase yu xiao yan ran, which describes women who have beautiful smiles.
    • 徽因 Hui Yin. This is the name of the famous modern female Chinese poet and architect Lin Huiyin (1904-1955). Her name was originally 徽音, instead of 徽因, and was drawn from Shi Jing (The Book of Odes), where it means ‘excellent fame’.
    • 映月 Ying Yue. This name for girls means ‘reflection of the moon’, and is especially beautiful following the surname 江 (Jiang), which means ‘river’. Reflection of the moon | © Balazs Kovacs / Alamy Stock Photo.
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    Feb 12, 2020 · Its Chinese name is 雀巢 (què cháo), which means “sparrow’s nest” and comes from the company logo. It is said to symbolize a mother (bird) taking care of her children and it’s also considered to be a reference to the family name, which means ‘nest’ in German. Other Big Brand Names in Chinese 谷歌 (gǔ gē) — Google

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