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  1. All Cars in "2 Fast 2 Furious" (2003) - Best Movie Cars

    Nov 06, 2016 · This post is about cars, trucks and bikes of 2003 “2 Fast 2 Furious”. Here we try to collect all the vehicles which was in that movie. If you are interested of its brands find information about on this page. 1968 Cadillac DeVille Convertible. 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T. 1972 Chevrolet Monte ...

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    2 Fast 2 Furious Cars. Category page. Edit. History Talk (0) This category refers to cars used in the 2003 film, 2 Fast 2 Furious. Trending pages.

  3. 2 Fast 2 Furious, Movie, 2003 Pictures provided by: antp , Neon , mozinor , walter , afonso , marcusdragonma , AOLJU , opal , anuprasb6541 , Black Bart 2 , TheFordLtdMan Display options: Display as images Display as list Make and model Make and year Year Category Importance/Role Date added (new ones first) Episode Appearance (ep.+time, if avail.)

    NitroPlus ◊ 2019-07-04 07:36
    I like this movie, but not as much as the first. While it's my least favorite in the series, there are some enjoyable moments sprinkled throughout. I think one of the reasons why it's my least favorite is that it felt more like a filler arc than anything else (look at me making shōnen anime references), as it doesn't really fit in to the overall narrative of the later movies apart from a few mentions of the first movie. There was a reference to this in the fifth movie, but it didn't feel significant enough for a major continuity nod. Even still, some of the chases look pretty cool and this movie was the one that got me into the Skyline, one of my favorite cars.
    mike962 ◊ 2019-04-28 19:13
    some extra vehicles with roles in deleted scenes to add
    train68 ◊ 2018-08-22 14:55
    I kind of wish Vin Diesel was in this movie.
    Brian2170 ◊ 2017-09-18 07:56
    How come no mention is made of the only 1998 model Crown Victoria used in this movie? I did see it before the scramble. It had the number '7295' on the roof...
  4. 18 Things You Didn't Know About The Cars From The Fast And ...

    Mar 20, 2018 · 18 The Cars in 2 Fast 2 Furious Were Personally Picked by a Cast Member via The late great Paul Walker, who helped explode the Fast and Furious franchise into the $6.6-billion Hollywood blockbuster monstrosity that it is today, was a key factor in the second movie of the franchise in terms of personnel.

    • Cory Barclay
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  6. Top 20 Cars of "The Fast and the Furious" Series - Motor Trend
    • Alex Nishimoto
    • 1970 Dodge Charger. At the end of the first film, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) races Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) in his father's 1970 Dodge Charger, which is said to have 900 hp.
    • Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R. At the beginning of 2003's "2 Fast 2 Furious," Brian O'Conner drives an R34-generation Nissan Skyline GT-R. He enters the car in a four-way street race, where he jumps the twin-turbo, all-wheel-drive coupe off a bridge before getting car-tasered by the cops.
    • Mitsubishi Eclipse. No, the bright green Mitsubishi Eclipse from the first film hasn't aged well. But despite the tacky graphics, over-the-top body kit, and neon underbody lighting, the car has become one of the most iconic of the series.
    • Acura NSX. The original Acura NSX made appearances in several films in the series, but it was most prominently featured in films 4 and 5. Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster) drives a black late-model NSX-T with parts from the Japanese-market NSX-R.
  7. 2003 "2 Fast 2 Furiois"/ BMW Z3 - Best Movie Cars

    Oct 16, 2017 · The BMW Z3 (E36/7) this is the car seen in “2 Fast 2 Furious” in in the beginning before the first race before Brian O’Conner and Tej Parker talk on the phone. All the Cars in “2 Fast 2 Furious” (2003) Related posts:

  8. 2 Fast 2 Furious: Here's How Much The Lancer Evolution Is ...

    In 2 Fast 2 Furious, this car was driven by Paul Walker. Since the movie series was so widely famous, this is one of the most recognizable cars in the world. It was a huge part of the movie, and was used for various close-up detail shots. The car that was sold even had the original 900 miles listed on the odometer reading. Mitsubishi Lancer Details

  9. Fast & Furious: Every Car Roman Drives In The Movies

    Nov 14, 2020 · When Roman made his debut in 2 Fast 2 Furious, he was participating in a demolition derby while under house arrest. Roman was shown driving a beat-up 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo that was painted black, red, and white. There were even teeth painted on the car's grille. During the derby, Roman kicked out the windshield after it became damaged.

  10. 2 Fast 2 Furious is the second installment in the Fast and the Furious film franchise. Directed by John Singleton , the 2003 sequel has former LAPD officer Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) in Miami attempting to infiltrate a criminal ring specializing in illegal transport. The following weapons were used in the film 2 Fast 2 Furious: