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  1. Who was responsible for the outbreak of the Mexican-American War? The Mexican army attacked them. The main cause of the war was the westward expansion of the United States. In the 19th century Americans believed it was their right to expand westward. They believed they could take over the people already living on the land and have it for the United States. Who deserves more blame for the Mexican-American War?

  2. The origins of the Mexican-American War can largely be traced back to Texas winning its independence from Mexico in 1836. Following his defeat at the Battle of San Jacinto (4/21/1836), Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna was captured and forced to recognize the sovereignty of the Republic of Texas in exchange for his freedom. The Mexican government, however, refused to honor Santa Anna’s agreement, stating that he was not authorized to make such a deal and that it still considered ...

  3. What caused the Mexican-American War? The Mexican-American War was a conflict between the United States and Mexico, fought from April 1846 to February 1848. It stemmed from the annexation of the Republic of Texas by the U.S. in 1845 and from a dispute over whether Texas ended at the Nueces River (the Mexican claim) or the Rio Grande (the U.S. claim).

  4. It pitted a politically divided and militarily unprepared Mexico against the expansionist-minded administration of U.S. President James K. Polk, who believed the United States had a “manifest ...

  5. The MexicanAmerican War was the first U.S. war that was covered by mass media, primarily the penny press, and was the first foreign war covered primarily by U.S. correspondents. Press coverage in the United States was characterized by support for the war and widespread public interest and demand for coverage of the conflict.

  6. What were the 3 main causes of the Mexican American War? A border dispute over whether Texas ended at the Nueces River (Mexican claim) of the Rio Grande (U.S. claim) An attack on American troops by Mexican soldiers in the disputed area between the two rivers on April 25, 1846. The Unites States annexation of Texas in 1845.

  7. Polk claimed to Congress that Mexico had “invaded our territory and shed American blood on American soil.” The United States declared war on Mexico on May 13. The war stirred nationalistic feelings in Mexico, and the country rallied to support the army, even though the army was badly equipped to fight a war.

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