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    • What causes red bumps on skin?

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      • Cold sores are red, fluid-filled bumps that form around the mouth or other areas of the face and can burst. They’re caused by a common virus called herpes simplex. Contact dermatitis is an allergic skin reaction that produces an itchy, red skin rash. The rash may consist of raised, red bumps that ooze, drain, or crust.
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  2. Red Spots on Skin: Causes, Treatments, and More

    There are many possible causes for red spots on the skin. Some are triggered by allergies, like contact dermatitis, while others are caused by bacteria, a virus, or an autoimmune condition.

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  3. Skin Rash: 7 Causes of Red Spots and Bumps, With ... - Allure

    Oct 07, 2019 · These small red bumps that develop on the back, chest, shoulders, and buttocks are caused by inflammation and irritation of the hair follicles and sometimes related to bacteria and yeast on the ...

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  4. What Do Red Spots On Skin Mean? 13 Skin Spots & Bumps Pictures

    Aug 15, 2019 · Eczema is an umbrella term for a cluster of skin conditions that cause red, itchy, dry, swollen patches anywhere on the body, but particularly the hands, feet, face, cheeks, or insides of the knees or elbows. Eczema can also make the skin look and feel rough and cracked, bumpy, thick or brittle, and blistered.

  5. Red Bumps on Skin, Itchy, Flat, Raised, Pictures, Causes ...

    Nov 18, 2019 · Causes of Red Bumps on Skin 1. Skin injuries. 2. Allergic contact dermatitis. 3. Acne. 4. Insect Bites. 5. Birthmarks. 6. Fever blister. 7. Scabies. 8. STD infections. 9. Impetigo. 10. Cellulitis. 11. Boil. 12. Skin cancer. 13. Scarlet fever. 14. Chickenpox. 15. Cherry angiomas. 16. ...

  6. Red Itchy Bumps: 10 Common Causes & Treatments | SELF

    Nov 07, 2019 · The 8 Most Common Causes of Itchy Red Bumps 1. Allergic reactions to personal care products (especially if you started using something new)... 2. Eczema. Eczema is a general term that's used to describe many different types of inflammation... 3. Keratosis pilaris. Also called chicken skin or KP, ...

  7. Red Itchy Bumps on Skin - Pictures, Causes, Treatment

    Red Itchy Bumps on Skin Causes Allergic Reaction. Allergy to certain foods, medications or exposure to environmental allergens can produce elevated or flat, irregular skin bumps and red sores. This skin reaction frequently appears one to two weeks after the administration of a drug in which the patient is sensitive to.

    • Red bumps on skin ............?

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      You should keep doing what you're doing with the sugar scrub and moisturizer, it will probably take 2-3 weeks for it to clear up some. You can also try using a toner with salicylic acid. Apparently the cause of these bumps (especially on...

    • What are these red bumps on my skin and what causes them?

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      sounds like an allergic reaction. pay attention to when they start to happen so you can find out what is triggering it. it could be something you ate, dust, or something coming into contact with your skin. if you can't figure it out you...

    • What kind of skin infection causes red bumps on cats?

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      Does not have 'many' fleas? If she has a flea allergy, one flea is going to be plenty to make her crazy! Go to a vets a get some proper flea treatment for her before this turns into worse than red bumps - flea allergies can result on hair...

  8. Pictures of Bumps on Skin: Cysts, Skin Tags, Lumps, and More

    Folliculitis is caused when bacteria infect your hair follicles, often on your neck, thighs, armpits, or buttocks. It causes small, red bumps or white-headed pimples. You may also get blisters, crusty sores, and itchy or tender skin.

  9. Bumps on Skin: Symptoms, Signs, Causes & Treatment

    Folliculitis is a skin condition that causes small red bumps to form around the hair follicles. Skin bacteria such as Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas may infect the follicles. Treatment involves over-the-counter bacterial washes, topical antibiotics, and/or topical steroids.

  10. Raised Skin Bumps: Pictures, Types, Causes, and Treatment

    It causes skin bumps that can range from very small and painless to large and painful. The bumps are usually accompanied by redness and swelling. Boils are infected hair follicles that look like ...

  11. Skin rash: 68 pictures, causes, and treatments

    Nov 27, 2018 · One of the most common causes of rashes – contact dermatitis – occurs when the skin has a reaction to something that it has touched. The skin may become red and inflamed, and the rash tends to be...