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  1. When you submit a request for a portable copy of your data, the data we return is delivered as a zip file, named “,” and is best opened and viewed on a computer instead of a...

    • How The Us Collects Weather Data
    • How The Data Reaches Your Weather App
    • Mixing It All Up

    Much of the raw weather data in the US comes from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA for short, which is a division of the federal government's Department of Commerce. The NOAA is tasked with maintaining coastal ecosystems, supporting marine commerce (like fisheries), and climate and weather research. Under the NOAA is the...

    Many weather apps and services in the US don't connect directly to the NOAA's data -- they use an API from a third-party company, which might also be mixed with data from other agencies or private companies. For example, IBM Cloud is a popular global provider for weather data, which uses data from the NOAA and many other sources, plus additional pr...

    That's a lot of information to take in, so let's summarize. Weather apps get their information from data providers like IBM, Apple, Foreca, and others. Those providers sometimes do specialized processing to provide more accurate info, or mix in data from personal weather stations, but much of the raw information comes from government agencies like ...

    • Corbin Davenport
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  3. This Policy discloses how we collect, use, and share data that we gather related to your interaction with the and websites (the "Sites") and mobile...

  4. Jun 25, 2023 · Key Takeaways Weather apps have a shaky history of respecting your privacy. Picking an app with a privacy-friendly and transparent privacy policy is important to safeguard your personal data and location history. You look at your weather app to check for rain and scan the radar, not to be on somebody's radar.

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    • What data does Weather Channel collect from my browser?1
    • What data does Weather Channel collect from my browser?2
    • What data does Weather Channel collect from my browser?3
    • What data does Weather Channel collect from my browser?4
    • What data does Weather Channel collect from my browser?5
  5. Dec 13, 2022 · To manage your data, follow the instructions for your specific browser: Chrome; Firefox; Safari; Microsoft Edge; Opera; Don’t see your browser listed? Check your browser’s settings and support topics for information on how to manage your data. Chrome

  6. The Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada's (DAAC’s) opt-out page. One of the EDAA’s country-specific opt-out pages. The NAI’s opt-out page. Also, the DAA offers AppChoices, a separate ...

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