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    What does NXIVM stand for in Roman numerals?

    Is the NXIVM the same as the drug Nexium?

    What does n-x-I-V-M stand for?

    What was the purpose of the NXIVM organization?

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    NXIVM (/ ˈnɛksiəm /) was an American cult that engaged in sex trafficking, forced labor and racketeering, while claiming to be a multi-level marketing company.

  3. NXIVM Sex Cult, what does NXIVM stand for? | Welcome Friend ... › nxivm-sex-cult-what-does
    • A Quick Overview of NXIVM
    • Why Was NXIVM A Controversial Organization?
    • Keith Raniere: The Man Who Created His Own Sex Cult
    • How NXIVM Came Into Existence
    • The Problem with NXIVM

    NXIVM stands for something that no one has been able to figure out to this day. Honestly, the cult/business/self-help organization’s leader probably doesn’t even know (or remember) why he named it NXIVM. This entity was created in 1998 and it was originally called Executive Success Program. The program was co-founded with a woman by the name of Nancy Salzman. The purpose of the organization was to foster personal development and self-improvement. It was aimed primarily at women, but men had also joined. The philosophies, doctrine, and rules that were used to run the organization was taken from an author and philosopher by the name of Ayn Rand. We’ll go into further detail about Nancy Salzman and Ayn Rand later in the article.

    NXIVM was so controversial because of a man by the name of Keith Raniere. He was the primary founder and leader of the organization even though he co-founded it with Salzman. Raniere turned the organization into his personal recruiting ground for sex slaves. NXIVM was also a pyramid scheme that posed as a cult with a sex trafficking culture inside of it. This place was a very confusing and unusual. Once again, we’ll later discuss why this enterprise was so screwed up. Now, let’s turn our attention to Keith Raniere. Since he was the mastermind behind this troubling self-empowerment organization.

    Keith Raniere now sits in a New York prison after being convicted of federal charges. He was convicted for sex trafficking, possession of child pornography, and racketeering. Raniere also raped multiple under aged women. This man was considered the ultimate conman who tricked women for nearly 20 years with his self-help outfit Keith Raniere grew up in Brooklyn, New York until he was the age of 5. After he turned 5 his parents moved to Suffern New York. About 3 years later when Keith turned 8, his parents ended their marriage in divorce. He spent the remainder of his childhood between his mother’s and dad’s home. During his childhood Raniere was considered a fairly intelligent young man. There are reliable sources that claim that Ranieire’s dad had told him that he was special because of his intellect. Instead of taking his father’s praises as a compliment; young Raniere used it a validation for something much sinister. Raniere’s father stated that Keith really believed that he was d...

    Toni Natalie met a nurse who was a hypnotist. They met in 1998. The nurse’s name was Nancy Salzman. Raniere and Salzman met and they decided to create a company called Executive Success Programs which they dubbed as self-improvement organization. Over the next few years, they changed the name of the company to NXIVM. Remember that Ayn Rand influenced Raniere how to run this organization. As a side note Ayn Rand was noted for starting a philosophy called objectivism. This philosophy basically states the belief that certain things, especially moral truths, exist independently of human knowledge or perception of them. Raniere applied this philosophy to his organization and things that went on in them. Rand’s philosophy, Salzman’s hypnotic practices, Isaac Asminov’s ideology, manipulation techniques and mind control techniques and Raniere’s super intelligence was used to form the tenants of NXIVM. Again, this place was very confusing in how it was operated and what its main purpose. An...

    NXIVM is a very strange tale because it produced a culture of rape, abuse, and degradation for about 20 years. This is an extremely long time for people to be caught up inside of a fake business like NXIVM. Some people who joined the organization knew that things were off. However, they chose to stay and continue with what was happening. What’s even more confusing and bizarre is how Raniere was able to deceive so many people all at once. Some of the main leaders in this group were television stars. People would think that famous celebrities would not get caught up in something like this. Even if a person has someone manipulating them for many years; it’s highly unlikely that they would not have people around who could spot a fraud. This cult’s leader was able to take advantage of people and it was almost as if they complied. Actually, they seemed to ignore what was being done. One of Raniere’s early lovers stated that he had the ability to make his women see blue lights after they h...

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    Dec 15, 2017 · Self-proclaimed “self-help group” NXIVM is being put on blast again on Dec. 15, as ABC’s 20/20 dives deep into one woman named Sarah Edmondson’s story of being indoctrinated into the secret cult...

    • Emy Lacroix
  5. What does NXIVM Mean? : TheVowHBO › ja627r › what_does_nxivm_mean

    That DOES seem like the most likely type of answer...however, I need to see how it IS the answer. There seriously has got to be someone a whole lot smarter than me, that can crack the code of what NXIVM means, whether by finding a clue in what has been written or filmed about it, or by finding the parallel that fits.

  6. What Is NXIVM? The Most Disturbing Sex Cult Details › en-us › 2018/05/199311

    Jun 08, 2019 · NXIVM and DOS punishments were allegedly violent. "The punishments could include being forced to hold painful poses, stand barefoot in the snow, take cold showers and whip each other on the 'bare ...

    • Kathryn Lindsay
  7. NXIVM as Roman numerals adds up to 1016 - or 'I love Satan ... › 2018/12/12 › nxivm-as-roman

    Dec 13, 2018 · N-X-I-V-M are all Roman numerals. It is believed that Cabbala, and gematria, an alpha-numerical code system based in ancient Hebrew language, is the code used by some involved in sexual deviancy in Hollywood, politics and elsewhere. In gematria, NXIVM adds up to 1016.

  8. The FBI alleged that Raniere started a secret subgroup of NXIVM called DOS (which stands for a phrase roughly translated from Latin as “lord over the obedient female companions”), in which women...

  9. Is NXIVM Still Active? There Are Reports Of Splinter Groups › entertainment › nxivm-the-vow-still

    Aug 30, 2020 · Where NXIVM Stands Two Years After Leader Keith Raniere's Arrest. There are reports of active splinter groups. Jemal Countess/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images. By Amanda Whiting.

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