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    What does give me mean?

    What does giving mean to me?

    What does give me a second mean?

  2. What does give me mean? › definition › give+me

    give me (Verb) An expression of strong preference or approbation. give me (Verb) form of words used as a request by a telephone-user to be connected with a specified person, number, etc.

  3. What does give mean? - definitions › definition › give

    "You gave me to think that you agreed with me" give verb. allow to have or take "I give you two minutes to respond" give verb. inflict as a punishment "She gave the boy a good spanking"; "The judge gave me 10 years" give verb. occur "what gives?" give verb. consent to engage in sexual intercourse with a man "She gave herself to many men" give verb. proffer (a body part)

  4. What does you give me agita mean? – › what-does-you-give-me-agita

    May 17, 2020 · What does you give me agita mean? Agita: Heartburn, acid indigestion, an upset stomach or, by extension, a general feeling of upset. The word is Italian-American slang derived from the Italian “agitare” meaning “to agitate.” Why do I have agita? Heartburn is an uncomfortable burning feeling in your chest that can move up your neck and ...

  5. What does “give me a bit” mean? - Quora › What-does-give-me-a-bit-mean

    Do you have their thermometer, for example? Then obviously “give it to me” means they want their thermometer returned to them. Or the payment they think you owe them for work they did for you. Or whatever they think you have and should give to them. That’s a literal meaning. It could be idiomatic. But that would be another answer.

  6. Give me five! - Idioms by The Free Dictionary › give+me+five!

    give me/gimme (a) five. A request to give the speaker a " (high) five," that is, to slap their (usually) raised hand with one's own, as in a show of congratulation or celebration. "Five" refers to the hand's five fingers. "Gimme" is a colloquial form of "give me." I hear you aced your final exams! Give me five! Gimme give, kiddo! See also: five, gimme, give.

  7. What Does "Give Me Five" Mean? - InfoBloom › what-does-give-me-five-mean

    One is, basically, give me a few minutes, which means the person needs a few minutes for a break or a few minutes in which to accomplish a task. In other cases, however, a person may say give me five to ask another person to slap his hand in congratulations, in agreement, or even as a greeting.

  8. What does "give me liberty or give me death" mean? - › homework-help › what-does-give-me

    Oct 12, 2020 · The most famous expression from Patrick Henry's speech to the Virginia Convention—“Give me liberty or give me death”—perfectly encapsulates the importance that he and many other Americans ...

  9. Urban Dictionary: give me some › define

    a handshake which involves not touching hands at all actually, but in which 2 hands opposite of eachother, one high and one low, go up in down in unison, hence " giving one some". Dirk - Hey Parker, give me someeee. Parker - ( Gives Dirk some) Dirk - Yeahhhhhh. by Something Special May 19, 2007.

  10. What does the phrase 'give me a two' mean? It was seen on the ... › What-does-the-phrase-give-me-a-two

    “Give me a two” basically means asking for another person who will back them up during room breaching (or whatever the operation is). The next operator who responded to his/her request will tap the requester’s shoulder so he/she knows that he/she got back-up, or his number 2 so to speak.