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  2. Postapocalyptic | Definition of Postapocalyptic by Merriam ...

    post· apoc· a· lyp· tic | \ ˌpōst-ə-ˌpä-kə-ˈlip-tik \ Definition of postapocalyptic : existing or occurring after a catastrophically destructive disaster or apocalypse In a postapocalyptic world where nature has become just as violent as humanity …

  3. What does POST-APOCALYPTIC mean? - definitions

    post-apocalyptic (Noun) The genre of fiction taking place after the apocalypse. post-apocalyptic (Adjective) Of or pertaining to the events after the apocalypse. post-apocalyptic (Adjective) Of or pertaining to the post-apocalyptic genre.

  4. Apocalyptic | Definition of Apocalyptic at

    adjective. of or like an apocalypse; affording a revelation or prophecy. pertaining to the Apocalypse or biblical book of Revelation. predicting or presaging imminent disaster and total or universal destruction: the apocalyptic vision of some contemporary writers.

  5. Urban Dictionary: Post-Apocalypse

    Post-Apocalypse The period of time after an event that caused mass destruction and has managed to wipe out a good chunk of the world's population.It Is suppose to be hell on earth, where everything is poison and it will be hard to survive. Also a period of time where the cyber punks will surface and it will be their golden age.

  6. Apocalyptic | Definition of Apocalyptic by Merriam-Webster

    1 : of, relating to, or resembling an apocalypse apocalyptic events. 2 : forecasting the ultimate destiny of the world : prophetic apocalyptic warnings. 3 : foreboding imminent disaster or final doom : terrible apocalyptic signs of the coming end-times. 4 : wildly unrestrained : grandiose.

  7. APOCALYPTIC | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    apocalyptic definition: 1. showing or describing the total destruction and end of the world, or extremely bad future…. Learn more.

  8. Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction - Wikipedia

    Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction is a subgenre of science fiction, science fantasy, dystopia or horror in which the Earth's technological civilization is collapsing or has collapsed.

  9. adj. 1. Relating to or predicting the end of the world, especially as described in the Bible or another religious text. 2. Relating to or predicting widespread destruction or the collapse of civilization: "The refugees in the camps spoke of apocalyptic devastation and tens of thousands dead" (Amitav Ghosh). 3.

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