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  1. In fact, it's pretty common for people to experience depression and anxiety after a first-time DUI. You may also struggle with a host of emotions, including sadness, anger, guilt, and shame. Here we take a look at what happens when you get a DUI and what you need to know to ensure you get the help you need. Verywell / JR Bee

  2. What Happens If You Get a DUI? Prepare for an Arrest 2. Court Appearance 3. You’ll Lose Your License 4. Expect to Pay a Fine 5. Spend Some Extended Time in Jail 6. Complete Your Probation 7. Drunk Driving School 8. An Alcohol Evaluation 9. Prepare to Pay Higher Automobile Insurance Get Legal Help If You’re Facing DUI Charges

  3. Some of the possible consequences of a DUI conviction include: Jail time, Significant fines, Probation, License revocation, and Points added to your driving record. The severity of the punishment will depend on whether the DUI is a misdemeanor or felony. In most cases, DUIs are misdemeanors.

  4. Here are 10 things that happen when you’re stopped for driving under the influence (DUI). You’ll be arrested Once you’re asked to submit to a breathalyzer test or you fail field sobriety test, there will be no walking away from the police. You’ll be arrested and booked at the station on suspicion of DUI. You’ll get your day in court

  5. In general, a first DUI charge is considered a misdemeanor, leading to community service, fines, a license suspension, and probation in many cases. However, there are other factors that can affect the nature or level of your charge, leading to greater penalties and sentences. Several possible aggravating factors include the following:

  6. In most situations, your state will suspend your license due to getting arrested for a DUI. Following your arrest, you will most likely get a temporary license that will expire on the date of your court appearance. The length of your driver’s license suspension will depend on where you got arrested and the nature of your conduct.

  7. If the police officer believes that you have been or are about to be driving under the influence, they can arrest you. Probable cause situations that might lead to a DUI include: Empty beer bottles on the floor of your car. A strong smell of alcohol (or other illegal substances) coming from your vehicle. Slurred speech and questionable movements.

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